KU President Yoo Ja-eun watches away game against KU with ‘plenty of interest in basketball’

KU President Yoo Ja-eun showed her love for the basketball team by attending an away game.

Kookmin University lost 64-91 away to Korea University at Hwajung Gymnasium on Nov. 15. After finishing the first quarter with a 17-29 record, KU showed the ability to close the gap to five points in the second quarter, but the second quarter ended poorly. In the third quarter, KU’s pressure defense led to a series of miscues.

They made nine 3-pointers, more than they usually do (5.9 per game), but were outrebounded (29-34) and were 0-23 on fast break points.

Still, it was meaningful. Yoo wore a green jacket, KU’s color, and supported the team from start to finish.

Yoo, who was so focused on the game that she applauded loudly in the second quarter when KU was rallying, watched a basketball game on the field for the first time at a home game against Myongji on March 30. Before the game, he even shot a jump ball.

The fact that the president visits not only home games but also away games shows that he is very interested in the basketball team.스포츠토토

KU is currently in 7th place with 6 wins and 7 losses. Even if they lose their last game against Kyung Hee University, they will still make the playoffs.

Last season, they also made a splash by finishing seventh and making it to the playoffs. Moreover, KU tends to get stronger over the summer than at the beginning of the season.

It will be interesting to see if KU, which has received a lot of attention from President Yoo Jae-eun, can be the center of the storm this time around.

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