KLPGA tour prize money king Park Min-ji for two consecutive years… This year with ‘Audi’

Park Min-ji, who won the prize money on the KLPGA tour for two consecutive years, will ride an Audi vehicle again this year.

On the 12th, Audi’s official dealer, Taean Motors, said, “We have decided to extend the sponsorship agreement with Park Min-ji by one year.” With this agreement, Park Min-ji will be sponsored by an Audi Q7 vehicle. In addition, they wear costumes with the logo of Taean Motors to participate in the game. Through Taean Motors, he also participates in various promotional activities for Audi.

Park Min-ji won six wins in two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022. The KLPGA Tour broke the prize money of 1 billion won for two consecutive years, winning the prize money and the most wins. 슬롯사이트

Park Min-ji said, “I was able to adjust my condition well while moving comfortably with the Audi Q7 sponsored last year.”

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