Kiwoom, Lotte, and NC’s ‘sideways time difference’ that originated with Han Hyun-hee

Free agent (FA) is an item with very high price elasticity when viewed as a product. The ransom price is flexible depending on the market environment. For example, LG hurriedly signed a multi-year contract with shortstop Oh Ji-hwan, who had signed a four-year total of 4 billion won ahead of the 2020 season, for a six-year total of 12.4 billion won, starting after the next season. It was not only the growth of Oh Ji-hwan, but also the result of changes in the market environment.

However, player ransom is not only influenced by the market environment. Depending on the club’s ‘view’, the evaluation of a player can vary greatly. This winter, the difference in perspective between each club, including Han Hyun-hee (30), who belatedly transferred from Kiwoom to Lotte through the FA (free agent) market, was noticeable. It is a structure that has no choice but to look at the race of related players this season and the clubs involved with him sensitively. 메이저사이트

Everyone had one thing in common: a pitcher on the side, but the evaluations of the clubs were different.

Kiwoom sent Stove League without taking into account free agency Han Hyun-hee’s stay. After last year’s semi-playoffs, it was excluded from the fall baseball entry. It was a post-season in which invisible forces had to be gathered. Regarding Han Hyun-hee, it was a negative view of the contribution he could make to the team as a pitcher.

Without negotiating with Han Hyun-hee, Kiwoom recruited another sidearm pitcher Won Jong-hyeon (36) from the FA market for a total of 2.5 billion won over four years. The ‘basic market price’ of the two players could be different due to the influence of age, etc. There was no difference.

NC gave up Won Jong-hyun in the FA market. But at this point, NC’s calculations seem a little different. NC coach Kang In-kwon said, “Shim Chang-min has completed his rehabilitation and is preparing well for the season. He believes that if Shim Chang-min (30), the same sidearm, goes through the season smoothly, he will play a good role in that position.” First of all, it is a voice that expects Shim Chang-min to successfully fill the void left by Won Jong-hyun.

In addition, Han Hyun-hee, who transferred to Lotte, is receiving a different evaluation from Kiwoom. Lotte is full of expectations. Lotte is paying attention to the fact that Han Hyun-hee has been consulting with him, such as losing 9kg throughout the winter, and that he has shown competitiveness in both selection and bullpen. Naturally, Han Hyun-hee is calculated to be a plus to the entire team.

At this point, Kiwoom is putting great expectations on Lee Kang-joon (22), a sidearm recruited as a compensation player after sending Han Hyun-hee. Lee Kang-jun, who throws a ball with a maximum speed of 150 km, was a future resource that Lotte cherished.

Perhaps all the moves started with Kiwoom’s evaluation of Han Hyun-hee. Kiwoom, Lotte, and NC all put their hands on the process of transferring sidearm pitchers in a row. Which club will be smiling brightly this season? Also, from which club will the sound of pain come out as if the ‘side’ is bursting?

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