‘King’ Leo, the reason why he sighed in the air, “Mistress~” during an interview

OK Financial Group’s “King” Leo was named MVP of the men’s division of the V-League All-Star Game. Leo, the overwhelming top in the regular league sub category, sighed when asked about his unfortunate failure to place first in the Spike Serve King Contest.

At the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League All-Star Game held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 29th, Leo won a total of 15 votes as a result of the reporters vote, beating Shin Young-seok, who received 11 votes, and won the men’s MVP. In the women’s division, Kim Yeon-kyung, who received 19 votes, won her first MVP award in her life.

In this all-star game, which was held as a confrontation between the MZ generation, Leo competed as the M-star team and faced the young Z-star team. A total of 4 sets (15 points each), 1st and 2nd sets (women’s) and 3rd and 4th sets (men’s) were held, and the M-Star team won with a set score of 2:2 and a total score of 53:52. In an interview after the match, Leo said, “The Z-Star team was a talented and good team.”

When the question for the Spike Serve Contest came up, Leo let out a sigh in the air, saying “Mistress~” before the question was finished, causing the reporters to laugh. 스포츠토토

Leo, who is overwhelmingly in first place with an average of 0.913 per serve set this season, gave up the All-Star Game Spike Serve King to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Ikbairi. He said, “I really wanted to win because I have a good sense of serve these days.

Leo, who served as a substitute during the women’s game that day, praised the women’s players for receiving. He said, “I didn’t hit the serve too hard, but I was a bit surprised that the women’s players received it so well.” He also evaluated the women’s showmanship at the All-Star Game. He said, “I’ve been serious since before, but I think it’s better to show showmanship like the women’s division in the all-star game.”

He also did not hide his desire to win the V-League. He said, “If you think about what you need most after retirement in Korea, the championship cup is more important than MVP or contests. It’s not easy, but I will prepare well and prepare to achieve my goal.”

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