“KIM’s amazing action”…Ian media highly praised Kim Min-jae for ‘Turkeye Earthquake Donation’

The Italian media highly praised Kim Min-jae for donating 100 million won to Turkey and Syria, which were affected by the earthquake.

Earlier, on the 6th (Korean time), a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in southeastern Turkey and Syria. As of the 12th, the death toll in both countries has exceeded 25,000.

Although it has already passed the ’72-hour golden time’, news of miraculous survival continues and efforts are being made to rescue survivors locally. 안전놀이터

It is known that Kim Min-jae, a defender of the national team and playing for Naples in Italy, also made a donation. According to Italy’s Corriere dello Sport, Kim Min-jae donated 100 million won. Kim Min-jae had the experience of playing for one season at Turkiye Fenerbahce last season.

The Italian media applauded Kim Min-jae’s action. Corriere highlighted Kim Min-jae’s donation under the title “Kim Min-jae’s behavior is amazing.”

The media said, “Everyone in Korea is talking about this action,” and “Kim Min-jae, who played for Turkey in the past and has many friends in Turkey, made a sincere decision. The donation will be used for children affected by the earthquake.”

He applauded it as “an action with profound human meaning and a very good action.”

“This action confirms Kim Min-jae’s great humanity,” he said. “Kim Min-jae is highly regarded even on the pitch. He made me forget Kalidou Koulibaly, who moved to Chelsea, and took control of the locker room as soon as he entered Naples.” Kim Min-jae’s performance was also introduced.

Calcio Napoli 24 said, “Kim Min-jae, who was a member of Fenerbahce, donated 70,000 euros for relief efforts after the earthquake in Turkiye. The donation will be used to rescue and search for missing people and provide shelter for those who have lost their homes.” .

Meanwhile, the Turkish Disaster Management Agency (AFAD) announced that 121,128 rescue workers, 12,244 vehicles such as excavators and bulldozers, 150 aircraft, 22 ships, and 1,606 psychotherapists were deployed to the earthquake-stricken area. The Korean Emergency Relief Team dispatched to the area is doing its best to rescue 6 people so far.

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