Kim Min-jae’s wife hits pedestrian with car, “victim man taken to hospital”

The wife of South Korean defender Kim Min-jae (27-Naples), Ahn Mo-soo, was involved in a car accident that hit a pedestrian in Naples, Italy, according to local media.

“Kim Min-jae’s wife, Ahn, was involved in a car accident on a street in Torretta, in the center of Naples,” Il Matino reported on Thursday (Jan. 1). The young man who was hit by Ahn’s car was immediately taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

A photo of the accident scene released by the media shows Kim Min-jae standing next to the vehicle with a worried expression on her face. The exact condition of the man, who is currently hospitalized, is not known.

“Ahn’s condition is not a cause for concern,” according to CalciOnapoli24. “He was very surprised after the accident, but everyone reassured him,” the outlet said, adding that Ahn was not injured in the accident.

“The car accident involving Kim Min-jae’s wife did not result in any serious consequences, and Ahn’s condition is reportedly fine,” said sports specialist Blue Tube, adding, “In conclusion, it seems that Kim Min-jae will be able to focus on soccer with the support of his fans and family.”

This is not the first time Kim’s wife has been involved in a car-related incident in Naples: last November, Ahn’s car was stolen while parked on the side of the road in front of their home, making front-page news in local media.

Kim married Ahn, who is the same 스포츠토토 age as him, in May 2020, when he was a player for Beijing Guoan in China. Ahn supported Kim during his move to Napoli from Trincomalee. The couple has one daughter together.

Meanwhile, Kim has been a stellar defender for Napoli this season, leading the team to its first Serie A title in 33 years. He has been linked with a move to the English Premier League by big clubs.

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