Kim Min-jae’s colleague Ohsimen, hug the girl who was hit by a strong shot…

Reporter Lee Hyeon-min = Kim Min-jae (26)’s Neapolitan colleague Victor Osimen (24) hugged a girl fan and became a hot topic.

Osimen, who is in his third season at Napoli, is leading Serie A this season with 16 goals and 3 assists in the league. Napoli leads with 56 points, 13 points ahead of second place Inter Milan (43 points), and the possibility of a scudetto is gradually increasing.슬롯사이트

In the 21st round of the league against Spezia on the 5th, Osimen scored multiple goals and led Napoli’s 3-0 victory.

There was an episode before the game that day. Players warm up before the game. At the end of the warm-up, he was shooting towards the goal, but Osimen’s shot went into the stands. This is a common occurrence in football stadiums. A strong shot hit the girl. It was a place where Spezia home fans gathered. This was revealed through ‘433’ Instagram, which deals with world football news.

At this time, Osimen quickly climbed into the stands. It was to directly check the condition of the girl who was shot. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured. Osimen apologized directly to the girl. After he talked, he smiled and hugged the girl tightly.

Although the Spezia fans are visiting players, they were very moved by Osimen’s behavior towards the girl and applauded her generously. Fans who watched this said, “He knows the value of respect”, “The referee should take out a white card for him before the game”, “He is a real man”, “The best striker in the world”, “The real value of football” He also praised the world-class Osimen.

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