Kim Ha-Sung, a utility infielder, is the first hitter to hit a home run #SPOTIME

Ha-Sung Kim has found his new calling.

Home runs are Kim’s new favorite thing to hit in the leadoff spot.

San Diego has batted Ha-Sung Kim in the leadoff spot for four games in a row, starting on April 23.

This isn’t the first time he’s batted first, but he’s never batted leadoff for four straight games like this바카라.

Kim had a perfect game at first base against San Francisco on the 23rd, with a home run and two doubles.

He also homered against Washington on the 24th and 26th, giving him three home runs in his last four games batting first.

He’s also drawn four walks, giving him a 4-for-2 slugging percentage in that span.

With Kim in the leadoff spot, there’s also been a shift in San Diego’s center field batting order.

They moved Tatis Jr, who had been batting first, to second and gave Soto and Machado a chance to bat third and fourth in the center of the order.

Meanwhile, Kim Ha-seong will make his first major league start of the season on the 28th.

Kim’s San Diego and Bae Ji-hwan’s Pittsburgh will play a three-game series at PNC Park starting on the 28th.

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