KIA waited for me… It was good at that time, as soon as I couldn’t throw a game, I immediately ‘exited the knife’

 The scenario of returning to the major leagues for left-hander Sean Nolin (34), who played for the KIA last year and is familiar to KBO league fans, was distorted. When he failed to pitch a game, the notice of expulsion came right away.

Nolin, who signed a minor league contract with Miami this year, had an emotional return to the major league against Atlanta on the 25th (Korean time), but the results were not good. He gave up six runs and collapsed after receiving seven hits, including two home runs, in three innings. This game is his first major league game since 2021. However, the content of the game was painful for him, and the words he heard after the game were also painful.스포츠토토

Miami officially announced on the 26th, the next day, that Nolin would be designated as a designated player (DFA). Originally, Nolin, who came up in a hurry due to the circumstances of Miami’s bullpen, did not show a very good performance, so he was immediately excluded from the 40-man roster. Miami replaced Nolin with Brian Hoying. Although the future DFA process is a variable, there is a possibility that Nolin will leave Miami once.

Nolin, who played 10 major league games (5 starts) as a member of Washington in 2021, signed a contract with KIA last year with great expectations. He was obviously good at pitching when he was healthy. He appeared in 21 games and pitched 124 innings, going 8-8 with a 2.47 earned run average. He was also the KIA’s most reliable starting pitcher at the end of the season.

However, skipping a significant portion of the early and mid-season schedule due to injury had a negative impact on the contract renewal front. At that time, he barely escaped the danger of being expelled because he had to deal with Ronnie Williams, who was more urgent to replace, but KIA wanted a pitcher who was a little more healthy and had good pitches. In the end, Nolin could not renew the contract despite good results and had to return to the United States and sign a minor league contract.

In the KBO League, there is a limit on the replacement of foreign players, so there is no choice but to be cautious about leaving. But MLB is different. There are countless players in the minor leagues who have a history of teasing. Miami, which recently had injuries to Johnny Cueto and Trevor Rogers and even had a double header schedule, tested Nolin, who was playing as a starter in Triple A, for the last time, but it seems that they were not satisfied.

Miami could trade Nolin or release him altogether. Realistically, the possibility of another team appearing to nominate Nolin is not high, and it is difficult to match the trade card. Attention is focusing on whether Nolin will be able to find a new team to lead the rebound this season.

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