“Kane, forget Bayern Munich!”… ridiculous transfer

British football expert Simon Jordan insisted that Harry Kane (Tottenham) must remain at Tottenham.

Kane is Tottenham’s ‘living legend’. Recently, he became a true legend by setting a new record for the most goals in Tottenham’s all-time individual career. However, Kane’s transfer rumors are constantly being raised. This is because Kane has never won a championship in a Tottenham uniform.

He needs trophies to become a more valuable player, and many pundits advised Kane to leave for another club that could win them. Recently, there have been reports that Bayern Munich, Germany’s most prestigious club, wants to sign Kane. 메이저사이트

In this situation, Jordan said through the UK’s ‘Dale Mail’, “Tottenham must pursue success and have Kane in order to produce better results. Chairman Daniel Levy must do whatever it takes to keep Kane alive. Phenomenal We need to ensure that Kane stays, including how to provide bonuses.”

He continued, “Kane is the jewel in Tottenham’s crown. At this moment, and even in the near future, there is no replacement for Kane. Chairman Levy must work with Kane for the development of the club and give Kane everything he wants. We have to use all methods,” he emphasized once again.

As for Kane, he advised, “Forget Bayern Munich.”

“It’s ridiculous to move to Bayern Munich,” Jordan said. Do you think it will be worth more than this win at Tottenham?”

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