Juve scandal sparks… Coolusep-Bentancur, possibility of ‘suspended for one month’ ↑

There is a possibility that the spark of the Juventus scandal will fly to Tottenham Hotspur.

The Italian Football Association (FIGC) said on the 21st (Korean time), “The Federal Court of Appeals regarding the investigation of the financial gains partially accepted the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office. They have been suspended from their activities.”

Juventus was found to have manipulated the accounting books in 2021. Since this was a big problem leading to stock price manipulation, it was subject to strong disciplinary action. As Juventus is a publicly traded company, it cannot avoid legal responsibility for matters such as book manipulation. 헤라카지노

The person who led this at the time was director Fabio Paratici. FIGC even issued a 30-month suspension of qualification for Paratici. The problem is that Paratici may not be punished only in Italy. England’s ‘The Athletic’ said on the 22nd, “The suspension of Paratic’s captain is only applied within the jurisdiction of the FIGC, but the scope of the disciplinary action can be expanded as the FIGC requests the European Football Federation (UEFA) and the International Football Federation (FIFA).” Explained.

Even players can be penalized. At the time of 2021, Juventus was hit directly by imports due to the spread of Corona 19. In response, it announced that it would cut players’ salaries for four months. However, as a result of the investigation, it was found that the players received 3 months of salary excluding the 1 month salary.

In the end, it was argued that disciplinary action could be imposed on that part. Reporter Paolo Gigliani of Italian media ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ said through his personal SNS account on the 24th, “FIGC Article 31, ‘Suspension of qualifications for at least one month in case of receiving wages outside the range reported to the union’ may be applied.” Explained.

“This could apply for a month or longer. This means that Paulo Dybala, Merch Demiral, Dejan Kulusevski, Rodrigo Bentancur and manager Mauricio Sarri will be suspended for a month. Also, the club ( Juventus) will be fined one to three times the amount.”

If discipline is imposed, it is bad news for Tottenham. In addition to the disciplinary action of Paratici, if Kulusevski and Bentankur can’t play for a month, it seems to have a big impact on the league race.

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