Japan also worries about Klinsmann’s leadership “Asian Cup prospects unclear”…”Manager who prefers to work from home, talked about only by watching K League” sarcasm too

Even the Japanese media is questioning Jürgen Klinsmann’s leadership of the men’s national soccer team.

“Although Klinsmann, a former star player and coach, has won his first victory, his Asian Cup prospects remain unclear,” the Tokyo Sports Shimbun wrote on Aug. 18.

South Korea, ranked 28th in the FIFA rankings, won 1-0 against Saudi Arabia in an exhibition match in England on Sept. 13. It was Klinsmann’s first win in six games since his appointment in March, but he was criticized for the lackluster performance despite fielding a squad that is considered to be the strongest in history.카지노

“Doubts about Klinsmann grew even more after the victory over Saudi Arabia,” said the Tokyo Sports Shimbun, capturing the mood in South Korea, “with criticism of his irresponsible attitude taking precedence over positive reactions to the victory.” The media outlet briefly attributed the negative public opinion to “his attitude of being more interested in other things than his main job as the head coach of the South Korean national team.”

Japan’s Nikkan Sports sarcastically noted that Klinsmann, who likes to work from home overseas, has become newsworthy just by watching K League games. “Klinsmann became a hot topic last weekend when he watched two consecutive K League games in a row. While this would have been normal for Japanese national team coach Hajime Moriyasu, it is unusual for Klinsmann, who prefers to work from home.”

It was also reported that Klinsmann was criticized for breaking his promise to stay in Korea. Nikkan Sports explained that in response to the public opinion, Klinsmann changed his schedule to stay in Europe and check on the overseas players and arrived with the national team players who play in the K League.

Klinsmann watched the Jeonbuk Hyundai-Gangwon FC match at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 16th and the FC Seoul-Gwangju FC match at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 17th to inspect the K League players.

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