It’s too much for Kim Ha-sung… They told me to trade, even platoon rumors

 “I think it will be an option to sit Kim Ha-seong on the bench depending on the pitcher’s situation.”

A cold evaluation of Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres) continues. The American media predicts that San Diego will use Ha-seong Kim as a trade card throughout this Stove League, but now there are even rumors of using it as a platoon. For Ha-seong Kim, who became a finalist for the National League shortstop Gold Glove last year as San Diego’s main shortstop, it is worth considering that it is ‘too much’.

On the 10th (Korean time), the American sports media ‘The Athletic’ mentioned the possibility that right-hander Kim Ha-seong will be used as a platoon along with left-handed hitter Matt Carpenter while predicting San Diego’s 40-man roster for the 2023 season. Veteran infielder Carpenter signed a 1+1 year contract with San Diego this winter for a total of 12 million dollars (approximately 14.9 billion won).

The Athletic said, “Carpenter had a career big league OPS of 0.847 against right pitchers. In San Diego, Ha-seong Kim could be an option to sit on the bench depending on the pitcher’s situation,’ he explained.

Prior to Carpenter, San Diego began reorganizing the infield by acquiring free agent Dair Zander Bogarts for 280 million dollars (approximately 349.4 billion won) in 11 years. With the current composition, there is a high possibility that a new edition will be made with third baseman Manny Machado, shortstop Bogatz, second baseman Kim Ha-seong, and first baseman Jake Cronenworth. The Athletic explained that if Carpenter is appointed as the right pitcher platoon, Cronenworth can be sent to the existing position of second base, and Carpenter can play first base.

The Athletic said, ‘Ha-seong Kim recorded an OPS of 0.681 against a right pitcher last year. It was an increase from 0.601 in 2021. Carpenter emphasized that last year’s sample itself was small, so if you scrape records, you recorded an OPS of 1.093 against righties and 1.270 OPS against lefties in 38 at-bats.’ 안전놀이터

“Of course, no one expects Carpenter to put down the same stats he did last year as he plays a full-time season. San Diego would be happy if Carpenter continued his career OPS against right pitchers on a part-time basis,” he added.

Kim Ha-seong played an active role last year with a batting average of 0.251 (130 hits in 517 at-bats), 11 homers, and 59 RBIs in 150 games, and was evaluated as having adapted to the pitch of big league pitchers to some extent. Platoon appointments are not welcome news in a season that needs to take a step forward this year. If the real San Diego has platooning in mind, it might be better for Ha-sung Kim to be traded to a team that needs a shortstop.

The Athletic said on the 7th, ‘San Diego can use Ha-seong Kim as a trade card to reinforce starting pitchers or bring in a cheap first baseman who can hit more powerfully than Ha-seong Kim or Cronenworth. Ha-seong Kim now has two years left in his contract, and his trade value cannot be higher than now,” he said, emphasizing that now is the right time to try a trade. In fact, it is known that San Diego wanted to at least discuss Ha-seong Kim as a trade card with other clubs.

Ha-seong Kim, challenging the major leagues for the first time in 2021, expressed his desire to face the San Diego infield even if the competition was tough. Can San Diego protect Kim Ha-sung’s original intentions while noise continues to emerge in the process of bumping into and overcoming them?

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