Is it enough to block your left foot? Manchester United’s Anthony 100 million euro overpay controversy

Voices began to emerge that Manchester United had ‘overpaid’ Anthony.

ESPN reported on the 11th 안전놀이터 that ‘Man United fans were frustrated by the 100 million euro winger’s one-dimensional play’.

ESPN said, ‘It’s been a little over four months since Anthony came to Old Trafford (Man United home ground). The controversy about Anthony has begun,’ he added.

Anthony is left-footed. He says the tempo of the game completely dies when he has to use his right foot.

ESPN said, ‘Anthony’s career is still in its infancy. So far, opinions are divided. That Anthony is too left-footed is nothing new. However, it is questionable whether Manchester United’s decision to spend 100 million euros (about 140 billion won) for his transfer fee was reasonable. For a player with such obvious limitations,’ he explained.

Manchester United signed Anthony ahead of the season. He was a player that new manager Erik ten Haag knew well. He ate a pot of rice at Ajax. It is said that he had already figured out that there was a fatal weakness in his right foot.

According to ESPN, Ajax initially asked for 60 million euros (about 80 billion won). Man United saw this amount as expensive. In the meantime, Ajax have sold six key players. As the deadline approached, Anthony’s ransom price increased. Tenhag strongly demanded the recruitment of Anthony.

ESPN said, “Man United admit they overpaid, but insist there was a reason.”

First, there were few other options for that position. There were three options, including Anthony. Next, Manchester United impressed with Anthony’s desire to come to United. Lastly, by 2023, it was analyzed that the competition would become more intense as big clubs trying to recruit Anthony would pour in.

A Man United source told ESPN: “We paid for his future, not for him now.”

“Anthony is a young player that we have to develop. We have to expect more from him. He needs a challenge. That’s why he came to the Premier League. He will go forward,” Tenhach said. .

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