Incheon Korean Air, flying at high altitude, encounters turbulence and ‘wobbles’

Incheon Korean Air, the leader of the professional volleyball men’s division, which was flying high, is reeling in the turbulence of three consecutive losses.

Korean Air is in first place among the seven teams with 19 wins and 7 losses and 56 points. However, it is difficult to find an appearance in the first half that seemed to never be shaken. Starting with a shutout loss against KB Insurance in Uijeongbu on January 24, he fell into a swamp of three consecutive losses, including a come-from-behind defeat after winning two sets first against the lowest-ranked Daejeon Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance on the 7th. Only in the new year, they recorded 5 losses and had a win rate of only 50%, narrowing the gap with second place Cheonan Hyundai Capital to 7 points.

The problem is that abnormal air currents are being detected throughout all positions. Korean Air’s strongest weapon was the serve. It ranks first in the league with 1.58 per set. Even by player, Lincoln (2nd place, set average 0.53), Jeong Ji-seok (6th place, 0.43), and Han (11th, 0.25) are ranked at the top. However, in recent matches, the power of the serve has not been shown at all. During the three-game losing streak, only 12 serve points were scored, and KB Insurance did not record a single one.

The physical condition of the team is also not good. In the Samsung Firefight, Lincoln and Kwak Seung-seok were unable to play due to gastroenteritis and calf injuries, respectively, and Lim Dong-hyuk is in poor condition, so it is difficult to expect good play for the time being, according to team officials. In addition, coach Tommy Tilikhainen’s conservative player selection and incomprehensible replacement timing are also rising in the world. In a situation where the depth is abundant compared to other teams, the coach’s mercenary skills are becoming a problem. 온라인바카라

The problem of individual players is even more serious. Middle blocker Kim Kyu-min is unable to show his previous strength in blocking, which was his strong point, and liberos such as Oh Eun-ryeol and Park Ji-hoon are also unable to play their part in defense and dig, leaving a big hole. Along with this, the attacks of apositive spikers (lights) such as Lincoln and Lim Dong-hyuk have lost their sharpness, and even Han, one of the top setters in Korea, is shaken by the recent sluggish team situation.

Under these circumstances, Korean Air met Hyundai Capital, which ranked second on the 10th, and on the 14th, it met KB Insurance, which is riding a terrifying upward trend in the second half, and is in a heap. If the team is not reorganized as soon as possible, it is in a desperate crisis situation that could fall into a pit of 5 consecutive losses.

An official in the volleyball world said, “If you look at Korean Air’s recent game, it looks very different from the first half. If we do not get out of the crisis as soon as possible, we will have no choice but to continue to be prey to the chasing teams,” he advised.

Fans are worried about whether Korean Air will be able to overcome the turbulence at the end of the season and make a soft landing with a combined victory through high-altitude flight again.

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