‘Incheon Joy Circle Captain’ Positive Man Mpoku “New Challenge Opportunity… Any Position OK!”

‘Happy Virus’ has emerged in Incheon United. The 2023 season ‘No. 1 recruitment’ Paul-Joe Mpoku (31) is the main character. Mpoku said in a recent interview with Sports Chosun, “I always try to keep a happy mind. I try to spread that to my teammates as well.”

Incheon, led by director Cho Seong-hwan, will expand into Asia in 2023. For the first time in history, they will step on the stage of the Asian Champions League (ACL). To strengthen the squad, Incheon recruited Mpoku, who has the greatest career ever. He is a high-level striker who played in the English and Italian leagues.

Mpoku said, “I played for a long time in Europe. Even before I came to Korea, there were offers in Europe. When I heard about the offer from Incheon, I talked to Lee Myung-joo. My family is very important to me and I want them to be in a good environment. Lee Myung-joo When he asked me to come to Korea, he told me, ‘Everything you and your family need is here.’ I was able to make this decision because I believed in Lee Myeong-ju. Starting in Incheon is a way to not settle for the present and take on new challenges. I decided to do it because I thought it was a good opportunity.” Mpoku and Lee Myung-joo have worked together in Al Wahda (United Arab Emirates) in the past.

There is one more reason why he received a lot of attention from fans. Mpoku began his adult professional career in 2008 when he joined Tottenham. However, he was unable to make his professional debut at Tottenham. However, he attracted attention enough for the reason that he was ‘from Tottenham’, which is familiar to Korean fans. Mpoku said, “I had a really good time at Tottenham. London, England and Tottenham have changed a lot of things in my life. I think that I am able to stand here now because of the many people I met there and the good environment. I will always I am grateful to Tottenham and London.”

It is evaluated that Mpoku combines his tall height (1m80) with his foot skills. He can play not only left and right flanks, but also all offensive positions, such as forward striker and central midfielder. He said, “I am always ready to play anywhere. I will do my best to help the team win in any position.” 먹튀검증

He joined Incheon early and is preparing for the 2023 season. He trained in Jeju last December and in Chiang Mai, Thailand last January. After training in Thailand, Mpoku said, “It was the first time I had such a long and intense field training. However, the coaching staff said, ‘If you pass this period, your body will improve.’ I feel really good. Based on these efforts, I hope it will be a good season.”

Mpoku is quickly melting into Incheon with its unique affinity. He said, “I always try to keep a happy heart. I try to spread it to my teammates. I always feel grateful that I can play like this. As I share my joy with others, everyone welcomes me well. I think I gave it to them. The team called Incheon is a really strong team. It’s a good community, so I think I can endure it well even when difficult times come.” He showed off a surprising ‘showmanship’ at a fan meeting in Thailand. His ‘fan sales’ video garnered great interest through SNS (social network service).

“I think fans’ expectations (for this season) have risen. We will do our best to achieve our goals. I will also share my experience with the young players ahead of the new season and help the team achieve its goals,” he said. I will devote myself to achieving it. During training in Jeju, I had a conversation with the coach about my role. The coach knows very well that I can play in many positions. If the coach wants something, I will give 100% for it. That is what I will do. I think it’s a role I can do,” he said. Mpoku is currently sweating in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province.

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