In 2011, when the ‘Triple Crown’ was won, the team also suffered a no-hit… Okinawa League 3 consecutive wins ‘1 point – 28 runs’, getting a vaccination 

Samsung postponed the report of the first victory in the Okinawa League to the next opportunity. 

Samsung lost 0-7 in an away game against Chunichi Dragons held at Chatan Stadium in Okinawa, Japan on the 12th. 3 consecutive losses since the match against Nippon Ham Fighters on the 9th. 

The timing of pitching was severe. They gave up 28 points in 3 games, but only scored 1 point. In the first match against Nippon Ham on the 9th, it was caught 0-3, and on the 11th, it was greatly defeated against Chunichi, 1-18. He gave up 9 points in the 3rd inning and collapsed. 

The goal margin is -27 points. If you look at the results alone, you may be full of worries, but the Okinawa League, or practice game, is just a preparation for the regular season.  메이저사이트

I fell into the swamp of 3 consecutive losses, but it wasn’t without income. Young players who will be responsible for the future of the Lions must have felt a lot while facing high-level Japanese players. You can learn more from defeat. 

After the game against Chunichi on the 12th, head coach Lee Byeong-kyu and other coaches gathered the players together and reviewed the good and bad points of the game one by one. If I compared it to studying, it was similar to writing a note for incorrect answers. 

Manager Park Jin-man said, “It is important to try out the parts that have been trained in the practice game. There is also something to be gained through defeat. It will be a good opportunity to work harder to make up for the lacking parts.” 

“I hope the players will not be stressed about the outcome of the game. After the start of the season, we have to produce results, but now we are in the preparation process, so I hope you focus on the process rather than the result.” 

On February 24, 2011, Samsung suffered a 0-7 no-hit, no-run loss to Nippon Ham. However, he won the regular season, Korean Series, and Asian Series, achieving the first triple crown in the KBO League. As a result, it is like having been vaccinated. 

The reason for the defeat is clear. Samsung had the task of finding the reason, prescribing it, and turning it into a stimulus for a leap forward. Fans have no reason to be disappointed with their third consecutive victory in the Okinawa League. As I said before, it is only a preparation process, so you need to wait a little longer. 

Regardless of the sport, the best fan service is victory. Players should also keep in mind that they must repay the fans with good results so that their trust is not in vain.

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