‘I’m still a soccer player’…”The ball is not his friend” shock criticism

The ball is not a friend of Wan-Ban-Saka.”

Jamie Redknapp (50) criticized Aaron Wan-Ban-Saka (26, Manchester United) rather harshly.

Manchester United lost 2-3 in a confrontation with Arsenal in Round 21 of the Premier League in the 2022-2023 season held at Emirates Stadium in London, England on the 23rd (Korean time). 안전놀이터

It was an unsatisfying night even for Wanbisaka. He started as a right-back and played the field for 90 minutes, but struggled with Arsenal’s quick pressure and advance.

The first loss also started from a mistake made by Wanbisaka. In the 22nd minute of the first half, goalkeeper David de Gea gave him a short pass to him on the right, and Wanbisaka gave up the ball to Martinelli’s strong pressure. Arsenal went on the offensive and won a corner kick, and Nketia’s equalizer came out in an attacking situation after the corner kick.

Even the player who had to stop him was Wanbi Saka. However, he did not recognize Eunketia, who was behind him, and conceded as it was. Thanks to Wanbisaka, Nketia was able to hit the ball to the head so freely.

Redknapp, who played for Tottenham and Liverpool, criticized this. “De Gea passed the ball to right-back Wanbisaka. But the ball is not his friend,” he said on Sky Sports. “He doesn’t want the ball in that situation.”

Redknapp continued, “Arsenal pressed Wanbisaka really well to get the ball back, and had a small success. Obviously, the opponent made a self-inflicted corner kick and scored, but after that, Arsenal showed good pressure and great play. “he added.

According to ‘Sports Bible’, fans were in shock, saying that the accusation was too cruel. They said, “Redknapp is rude. How can you tell a pro footballer the ball is not your friend?”, “That’s the biggest insult I’ve ever heard from a pundit”, “Avoiding the ball for more than 90 minutes is awful. Stay alive when you have to defend.”

Meanwhile, Manchester United’s senior Roy Keane also spat bitter words at Wanbisaka. “Wan-Bissaka was just dozing off. He lacks football intelligence and concentration,” he said. “We used to praise him as a ‘good defender’. You don’t say ‘I didn’t notice the players around you’, you have to notice! That’s right. It’s a thing,” he exclaimed.

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