“I’ll give you 100 billion won” Arsenal + “Thank you” Kaisedo vs “I understand” Brighton

Brighton turned down an Arsenal offer again.

The British ‘Telegraph’ said on the 30th (Korean time), “Arsenal made a second offer for Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo. It is up to 70 million pounds (approximately 106.6 billion won) including additional money. Last week, 60 million pounds ( After about 91.4 billion won), the transfer fee was raised, but Brighton immediately rejected it.”

“Coach Roberto De Gerbi made it clear after winning against Liverpool in the fourth round of the English FA Cup (Round of 32) that Caice also wanted to stay. He could understand if asked by a big club,” he explained. Chelsea also showed interest in Caicedo. However, it was rejected at the beginning of this month,” he said in an interview left by director De Jerby. 바카라

According to the media, De Jerbi wrapped around Caicedo, saying, “Caicedo is a really nice guy. I can understand him. If he is asked at a big club at the age of 21, he can understand.” He also added, “I hope he finishes the season with us, but he is ready to move forward without him.”

Ecuadorian midfielder Caicedo entered the English Premier League (EPL) when he joined Brighton. After going on loan to Belgium, he established himself as a key player from this season. Caicedo is replacing Eve Bisuma, who left for Tottenham Hotspur.

Caicedo is a promising player with a promising future. Based on his vigorous activity, he is a box-to-box midfielder responsible for wide areas in the midfield.

Kaisedo is also shaken by a series of love calls. It was reported that he was excluded from training ahead of the Liverpool match and went on vacation at the club level. In addition, Caicedo said on social media, “I am grateful to Brighton and I always think I did my best. I am the youngest of 10 siblings who grew up in a poor family. I hope fans understand why I want to seize this great opportunity.” I even left a greeting.

Now, Arsenal only has to convince Brighton. However, even though the transfer fee was raised by about 10 billion won, it was not accepted. Despite the imminent transfer window deadline, Caicedo’s future is still unclear.

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