“I went to the gym alone and didn’t take lessons… Studying on my own while watching videos”

Song (47), CEO of SpadeMash Fitting Lab, likes golf and eventually makes golf his own. It is a ‘golf fanatic’ made into a lifelong companion. He goes beyond the level of a golf club who found fun on field and screen golf courses, makes golf clubs himself, teaches other amateur golfers, and even competes with professional golfers.

CEO Song, who worked for a leading domestic conglomerate, obtained Class A membership of the Korea Golf Instructors and Fitting Association in March 2016, when he was immersed in golf. And in December of the same year, he even obtained the United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF) certification. Going beyond a simple amateur golfer and entering the professional level. Representative Song, whom we met at the office in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do on the 10th, said, “Because I love golf so much, I have been importing and selling used bonds directly from the US since 2006, and I feel the need for repair skills. has acquired He also challenged the teaching pro license like other golfers, and passed it in two tries.” 메이저놀이터

The first time CEO Song picked up a golf club was in the United States in 1996. CEO Song, who attended college in Korea, visited Seattle, where her family lived, and experienced golf. But even at the time, he was more of a one-off. His full-fledged love for golf began in 2003. CEO Song, who got a job after graduating from college, moved to Asan, where his workplace is located. And he lived only in Seoul and settled in a strange place, and golf became a good friend to him.

Having enjoyed individual ball games such as billiards and bowling from a young age, he quickly fell in love with golf. CEO Song said, “I played 5 days at the driving range and 10 games of screen golf a week. He went to the field about three times a month, so it was safe to say that he only played golf except for the time he went to work and slept.” Thanks to the widespread rumor that he is a ‘good golfer’ in his company, he often informs his colleagues and superiors of his golf know-how. Thanks to this, not only those taking lessons, but also CEO Song’s golf skills improved day by day.

CEO Song, who has an average body size of 175 cm and 75 kg, sends drivers about 240 meters on average. Having started in 2003 and boasting 20 years of experience, 3 under par is the best score in his life. He recorded last year at the Asan City Golf Tournament held at Beautiful CC in Asan. There is no hole-in-one experience, a record that any amateur golfer longs for. However, in March 2017, when I participated in the Korea-China Amateur Golf Tournament hosted by a golf equipment company held at Siri Golf and Country Club in Shenzhen, China, and the ball hit with an 8 iron in a 140m par 3 hole stopped right in front of the hole, it remained a regrettable moment for a long time. there is. Representative Song said, “At the time, the camera crew was also watching as the competition was broadcast, and it was a really regrettable opportunity. He learned that being a hole-in-one can be achieved by depending on skill and luck,” he laughed.

Song’s secret to developing his golf skills is unique. Through his video research, he improved his skills by studying the swings of others and his own. CEO Song said, “I went to the driving range by myself, and I have never taken lessons until now. My golf teachers are only two pros, Ernie Els and Kim Byung-jun. Els is evaluated as the standard of soft swing, nicknamed ‘butter swing’.

CEO Song not only watched and analyzed Els’ swing video, but also tried to follow his swing by trying himself. Two years ago, professional Kim Byeong-jun learned by taking a video of the ball flying against the trajectory of a ball flying in a straight line towards the target in a companion round and copying it. CEO Song said, “I feel like I’ve come back more than others since I studied golf on my own without anyone’s help and put it into practice.” . This kind of experience is rather helpful when giving lessons to other amateur golfers,” he said with a broad smile.

CEO Song, who chose golf as his companion for the second act of his life, recently started a new challenge. It is a participation in the Golf Zone Screen Golf Pro Tournament. He participated in the opening match held recently and was unfortunately eliminated from the preliminary round, but gained confidence that he could ‘do it’ against a professional. CEO Song said, “He started playing screen golf in 2010 and played at least 200 games a year, so he thought it was worth a try. In the end, my conclusion is that interest and effort make golf skill.”

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