I went on loan and was suspended for ‘7 games’, Man United did well

Correspondent Cho Yong-woon = Defender Eric Baiga (29), who was on loan from Manchester United to Marseille, was suspended for seven games for a dangerous kick.

Bai was sent off in the round of 64 of the French Cup earlier this month for performing a kung fu kick on his opponent. During a contest for the ball, he kicked his right foot high and hit the opponent’s chest hard.

Bai pretended to be injured after kicking an opposing player, then trudged out of the field when it was confirmed that he had a red card. Due to Bai’s refusal to admit his faults, fans couldn’t escape the criticism that he was a ‘funny X who starts with acting’. 슬롯사이트

He was given a severe punishment. On the 20th (Korean time), the disciplinary committee of the French Football Association ordered Bailly to be suspended for 7 games. Bay missed two French Ligue 1 matches after the cup competition. Two games are included in the disciplinary suspension, so you can’t play another five games.

Bay wore a Marseille shirt last summer on a loan deal that included a full transfer. Bai, who joined Manchester United in 2016, played 113 games in 5 seasons, but was called a glass body enough to miss 103 games. He only made 6 league appearances at Marseille as well.

Manchester United completed their centre-back lineup by signing Lisandro Martinez instead of disposing of Bailly. Bai had to break through a new path through the loan to Marseille, but he is unable to enjoy the effect of his rental as he has been unable to play for 7 games due to poor performance and rough play.

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