“I was not bullied”… A new phase of Lee Young-ha’s alleged abuse, Lee Seung-yeop’s joining is quicker 

 Doosan Lee Young-ha (26), who is on trial for school violence in the past, received favorable testimony from a prosecution witness, not a lawyer. It is Lee Young-ha’s trial that has finally reached a new phase in the fourth trial. 

On the 3rd, the 4th Criminal Division (Chief Judge Jeong Geum-young) of the Seoul Western District Court held the fourth trial against Lee Young-ha, who was charged with special assault, coercion, and extortion. Prosecutors initially asked two witnesses to appear, but only one appeared and responded to the question. Witness Kim, who was present that day, is a one-year junior of Lee Young-ha at Sunrin Internet High School and a motive of the victim, Mr. Jo, and is the same pitcher as Lee Young-ha.

Mr. Kim, who is currently working in an industry, had a conversation about this through a mobile messenger with Mr. Jo, who complained of school violence in March 2021. Mr. Jo first contacted me and informed me of the fact of the damage, and to this, Mr. Kim replied, “It’s about to explode.” Mr. Kim recalled this day and said, “Both the victim and I were fooled when we were in school, so I thought I would say it.”

When asked if he had ever seen the accused (Lee Young-ha) make the victim (Mr. Not only the defendant, but also other seniors made this happen.” However, when asked if he had seen the defendant call the victim’s name and force the answer to be a nipple, he said, “I don’t remember well. I think I just did some dancing,” he remembered.

He also testified about the teasing he himself received from the accused. Mr. Kim said, “When the accused called my name, I replied that I was a goblin. However, I was not forced to dance or sing. He just said goblin and it went over.” 

Regarding Lee Young-ha’s charges of being foolish at the time of training in Taiwan in February 2015, “I remember being fooled. I don’t know what exactly upset me. I used the same room as the victim, but the accused has visited the room several times. I’m not sure why. He has never been harassed in his room,” he continued. Mr. Kim was Mr. Jo’s roommate at the time, and Mr. Jo argued that, unlike Mr. Kim, “When he protested against her extortion of ramen, the defendant called fellow pitchers to my dormitory and behaved harshly.” 

Regarding Lee Young-ha’s gathering, Mr. Kim said, “I think it was held at the time, but I don’t know in detail which senior ordered it. Usually, if I didn’t manage my freshman juniors well or if other friends made a mistake, I would gather. It was if you couldn’t do the basics,” she added. 

Regarding Lee Young-ha’s extortion of ramen, Mr. Kim said, “I don’t remember carrying snacks such as ramen or instant rice in Korea. If it was not enough, I went to the mart near the hotel and bought it. She also testified differently from the victim and other witnesses, saying, “The lackey took it first and then bought it or returned it later.” She went on to say that there were no errands and delivery of Lee Young-ha’s ramen, she drew a clear line.

Next, Mr. Kim testified that Lee Young-ha was not in Busan at the time in relation to the details of Lee Young-ha’s harsh behavior in Busan at the end of August 2015. Previously, the victim claimed that there was a harsh act by Young-ha Lee at the time of the Busan Association long-term national high school baseball tournament, but Lee Young-ha said, “At that time, I was selected as a youth representative and trained separately in Gunsan, Jeonbuk. At that point, he was not in Busan.” In fact, Lee Young-ha was selected as a youth representative in 2015 and departed on August 26 for Osaka, Japan, where the World Youth Championships were held.

Regarding this, Mr. Kim said, “I went to Busan for the competition, but there was no defendant. In addition to not participating in the competition, I did not accompany the athletes,” he recalled. 

The court set the date for the next witness interrogation to be March 24. Prosecutors’ witness, Mr. Yoo, who was not present on the day, is scheduled to appear and continue his testimony.  안전놀이터

Attorney Kim Seon-woong of Lee Young-ha’s side, who secured a favorable statement from the prosecution’s witnesses, said, “I think he was a witness who told an accurate story because he shared a room with the person who said he was a victim in relation to the Taiwan training camp case.” I made it clear that it was not related. At the time, objectively, he was able to get ramen or snacks at the mart right in front of him,” he said.

If so, is there any possibility that Lee Young-ha’s first trial date could be pushed back due to his testimony at the 4th trial? Attorney Kim Seon-woong said, “The 5th trial was held on March 24, so if we get caught again in mid-April, then we will try to close the argument as much as possible by examining our witnesses for the last time and interrogating the accused.” I wonder if there will be a sentence around the beginning of the month.”

Of course, the first trial sentence does not mean Lee Young-ha’s return to the ground. If he is acquitted, he will try to return to the first team in the second half, but if not, there will be many mountains to overcome, such as the club and KBO discipline.

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