“I want to break Lee Jung-hoo and Park Hae-min’s bat” The goal of a second-year kt pitcher who rejected mediocrity

It is not an ordinary goal that everyone dreams of, such as the king of many wins and the king of strikeouts. Kwon Seong-joon (20, kt), a pitcher in his second year of debut, has a different goal.

When he had a conversation, I thought he was a taciturn and calm personality. But the moment he said his goal, he felt intuition that he was no ordinary player. It seemed like a unique 4th dimension, but the person himself strongly denied it.

It is said that the original goal was to break the bat of Lee Dae-ho (41, retired), the fourth hitter of Joseon. Kwon Seong-joon said with a calm expression, “Ever since I was in elementary school, I wanted to compete with senior Lee Dae-ho and break my bat.” However, Kwon Seong-jun, who has not yet stepped on the first team stage, could not achieve his goal because Lee Dae-ho retired at the end of last season. 

Kwon Seong-joon inevitably changed his goal due to Lee Dae-ho’s retirement. The target has been changed to Lee Jeong-hoo (25, Kiwoom), the best hitter in the KBO League, and Park Hae-min (33, LG), a top outfielder. He said, “Since Lee Dae-ho retired, I wanted to break the bat of my favorite Park Hae-min and Lee Jung-hoo seniors.” 

Why is the goal to break the opponent’s bat? Kwon Seong-jun smiled shyly, saying, “The goals for records and awards are like missions, so it’s normal.” It was the look of the MZ generation that rejected the ordinary and pursued individuality.  먹튀검증

However, his attitude toward baseball is serious, no different from other players. Although Kwon Seong-jun is digesting spring camp in the 2nd team, he has the confidence that he can enter the 1st team at any time.

Kwon Seong-jun was nominated by kt in the 2022 rookie draft in the 2nd 8th round, 78th place. In the first year of his debut, he did not step on the first team stage, but in the Futures League, he performed impressively with an average ERA of 3.75 with 4 wins and 2 losses in 13 games. He sees him as a player who can play first-team games within several years in kt, which lacks left-handed pitchers.

In August of last year, while drawing attention from the coaching staff, he encountered unexpected injury bad news. He injured his left elbow and had to spend the rest of the season in rehab. Currently, his physical condition has recovered a lot, but he was not named on the first-team spring camp roster due to the aftermath of the injury.

I learned a lot from his injury. Kwon Seong-jun said, “I learned how to take care of my body. I think I can throw well without getting sick now.” He continued, “He vowed to build a body that can win first place in the second division and stay in the first division for a long time.”

He confidently challenged the starting lineup for the first team in the new season. Kwon Seong-jun said, “I want to stay in the first team for a long time and there are many things I want to learn.” “First of all, my goal is to become a starting pitcher. I am confident that I will work hard no matter what role I play.”

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