“I felt really good about the automatic 4 pitches” Lee Jae-won, who fired a cannon today, revealed the secret to his success

‘Jamsil Big Boy’ Lee Jae-won led the team to victory by firing a cannon today. The strong performance of two home runs the previous day was shown this time at full base, and LG won a come-from-behind victory with Lee Jae-won at the fore.

Lee Jae-won started as the 8th hitter and left fielder against Jamsil KT on the 17th and recorded 1 hit, 3 RBIs and 1 walk in 3 at-bats. In the bottom of the 4th inning with no bases loaded, he hit the first pitch of opposing starting pitcher Bo Schulser and scored 3 RBIs and a double. According to LG club tracking data, this ball was measured at a speed of 181.8 km and a launch angle of 12.6 degrees. LG defeated KT 7-3 thanks to Lee Jae-won’s final blow.

The following is a Q&A with Lee Jae-won and reporters.

– You seem to have prepared this season with a different mind from the final camp.

I wanted to go to the army, but the director gave me back. From then on, I was alert and prepared without losing my mind.

– Was there a lot of training from the finish camp to the spring camp?

The amount of training was the same as usual. However, he always trained while thinking. Rather than training vaguely, he thought more and felt why he had to do this kind of training.

-I heard that when he was rehabilitating in Icheon, he played a lot of machine balls. Was he helpful in pioneering?

It seem to be like that.체스카지노

-I hit the first pitch at full base.

Coach Lee Ho-jun told me. So he swung with confidence and the number of goals was hit.

-How did you feel when you went out to District 4 of Auto High School?

It felt really good. I had the desire to hit, but I still went to first base with a grateful heart.

– It seems that the sense of hitting improves as you continue to start.

The director always tells you to relax. He always tries to relax. And since the coach gave me faith and kept sending me on business trips, I want to show a better image.

– Do you feel confident as you continue to travel and get results?

It seems that it works better not to attack the pitcher too much than to become particularly confident. Last year, whenever things went well, I was very active. Now, while calmly taking the plate, it seems to be producing good results.

– I also recorded a bodhisattva at the beginning of the game.

It was as good as a home run. I tried because the runner was (Kang) Baekho, but he got an out.

-As you said, you can see a calm appearance at the bat. You also came out with a long ball count fight. Do you have any special secrets?

I usually talk a lot with (Moon) Seong-joo hyung about batting. A lot of seniors help me and give me good advice, but since I’m very close with Sung Joo-hyung, I listen to Sung Joo-hyung’s advice and refer to Sung Joo-hyung’s image a lot. Looking at Seong Joo-hyung, he is always calm and composed at the plate. Looking at it, he seems to have been helped a lot.

-Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop predicted early on that Lee Jae-won would be actively employed, citing Park Byeong-ho as an example. Now, he seems to be less worried about not being able to play.

First of all, it felt really good to hear about senior Park Byeong-ho. He is the senior I respect and like the most, and the thought that I want to be like him grew stronger. I am really grateful to the director for giving me the opportunity. But even if I don’t start the next day, I will train and prepare the same as always.

– It was the same last year, but the outfield lineup is full. Doesn’t it come as a burden?

Okay. There are many good seniors, so there are many things to learn. There are downsides to competing, but there are many advantages to getting from good seniors.

-During the camp, you also prepared first base. Which is more comfortable, the outfield or first base?

The outfield is much better. I tried first base, but it was really not easy. Looking at the first basemen, I think they are amazing.

-I was injured again in the same area after playing an active part in the exhibition game Gocheok Kiwoom. It must have been difficult psychologically, how did you overcome it?

It was hard at the time. I had a lot of thoughts. I was trying to get better, but I got hurt again. However, my family encouraged me and I made up my mind that I would prepare well and go up the mountain anyway.

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