“I can’t ruin a player for a year to fit the WBC”… ‘Pitcher trainer’ is adamant

Lee Kang-chul, coach of the Korean national baseball team, is mentioning the pitcher’s condition throughout the pre-training in Arizona, USA.

Since the 15th (Korean time), the national team has been unpacking in Tucson, Arizona, USA, and working together in pre-training. He started before NC on the 17th and played 4 practice games until the 25th, and recorded 4 wins in 4 games, scoring 37 points and conceding 10 runs.

I don’t really care about the score right now. As much as coach Lee thinks, it is a separate issue whether his pitching condition has improved. He is worried that the pace of the pitchers is not good enough to face the international tournament with all his might, but Lee is looking forward to it as there are about 10 days left until the tournament.

It is Lee’s belief that he cannot fit players into the national team’s schedule. In response to the recent criticism that ‘the pitchers’ pace is too slow’, Lee said, “I hope the pitchers’ condition improves, but I’m also grateful that they’ve come up enough to throw in the game now. It’s impossible to do more than that. If you come more than that, your season will not be easy.”

Coach Lee continued, “It’s not that the amount of practice is insufficient. Now, the KBO spring camp starts in February, and the players have been personally preparing before that. Players can’t ruin their condition for the year to fit in with the national team.” . 메이저사이트

The pitchers selected for the national team are all players who play an important role in their team and have accumulated enough experience to keep their season preparation routine. In each team, in the spring camp practice game, young pitchers who are mainly competing for positions are given a chance, and the main pitchers in the second half of the practice game,

But the national team is different. All the pitchers throw orders with all their might, saying that the batter of the opposing team is the opposing team to face in an international competition. Since February, the players started training 15 days to a month earlier than usual as they built their bodies enough to operate 100%. For the sake of the national team, he is willing to endure the loss of stamina in the second half of the season.

Kim Hyun-soo, captain of the national team, told reporters on the 24th, “I’m telling the young players because they haven’t experienced any hardships after pouring in.” Seniors who have experienced in advance know that there are aftereffects that will come in the season after the international competition in March. Managers and veterans leave the national team and take care of young players’ careers as seniors in ‘baseball life’.

The way to raise the condition of the players to the maximum without excessive effort is to play as many games as possible during the remaining period and adapt to the real world. In the match against kt on the 25th, coach Lee had a ‘mini-blue match’ by pitching the national team pitchers as kt pitchers in the 2nd to 6th innings. Plans to send some pitchers against LG on the 26th. On the 3rd of next month at Gocheok Dome, in a practice match with the SSG Futures team, both teams will have pitchers from the national team and literally conduct a ‘too-ta-cheong-baek-jeon’.

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