“I can’t believe it…” Who is the rookie 2R infielder who thrilled the general manager

 “I think Moon Hyun-bin (19) is really good.”

Hanwha Eagles general manager Son Hyuk, whom we met at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA during their spring camp, suddenly picked up a new player. He added, “Even when I was a coach, I didn’t talk about rookie players well, but after watching for a few days, I felt something different.” At the same time, he smiled broadly, saying, “I can’t believe the appearance at spring camp, but I keep looking at it.” 메이저사이트

Mun Hyun-bin, an infielder from Cheonan Bukil High School, was nominated in the second round of the 2023 rookie draft. Having made a name for himself as a baseball genius during his time in Onyang Middle School, he showed outstanding performance by keeping the starting pitcher for three years even after entering high school. Hanwha showed anticipation by including Kim Seo-hyeon (19) and Moon Hyun-bin in this spring camp. As a shortstop, expectations for future development are high in that he showed excellent performance in running, throwing, and hitting.

It remains to be seen whether such Moon Hyun-bin will easily find a place on the professional stage. In high school, some of the top players in the first year as pros realized the high wall. General Manager Son predicted, “It will probably be difficult to deal with in the beginning because the pitchers’ balls are heavier and sharper than in high school.” Still, he expressed his anticipation, saying, “If he can adapt quickly, he will show a really good figure.”

Hanwha has the task of filling the shortstop position while Ha Joo-seok is unable to play this season due to disciplinary action. Although he caught on to Seon-Jin Oh, who obtained free agent status from the Samsung Lions, he put out the fire, but coach Carlos Subero seems to be paying more attention to Jung-Hyun Park. In the midst of this, if Moon Hyun-bin stands out in the spring camp and achieves results in practice and demonstration games, the gaze may change.

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