Hwang Eui-jo threatens (?) Han Na Sang-ho “Double-digit score for 6 months and go”

 “Let’s score double digits for six months.”

Na Sang-ho (27), a junior in the national team and the captain of FC Seoul, made a cute threat (?) to Hwang Eui-jo (31), who was on a short-term lease for six months.

Seoul left for Kagoshima, Japan, a secondary battery training site through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the 6th. Na Sang-ho, who met with reporters prior to departure, said, “I prepared well with the players and coaching staff from the first Thai field training. I want to make a “,” he said of his plan. 토토사이트

Last year, it was Seoul, which barely remained in 9th place after being pushed to Final Group B. Low scoring was a big problem. Fortunately, Hwang Eui-jo came on a six-month loan from Nottingham Forest.

He promised to be a special helper, saying, “(Hwang) Eui-jo hyung himself will improve his condition well for six months. I hope I can help him on the path he wants to go.”

This is Na Sang-ho, who played the 2022 World Cup in Qatar together. Regarding Hwang Ui-jo, he replied, “The concentration is really good. Seoul couldn’t score many goals. I believe that Ui-jo will do it for me in that respect.”

Hwang Eui-jo had a phone call with Na Sang-ho after renting. He said, “They said there weren’t many players on the team. They asked me to help them adapt. In fact, I think I’ll adapt well on my own. I think I’ll show my juniors good looks. “

Seoul’s goal is to enter Final A (1st to 6th place). He said, “I hope (Hwang Ui-jo) puts in as much as possible. Of course, I hope that he will continue to be in the top ranks while Eui-jo is there. I will achieve the goal of reaching Final A. I hope to score double digits for six months.” he pressed.

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