‘Headlock foul’ Ronaldo .. ‘It’s not professional wrestling’

Ronaldo of Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr has again become a hot topic today with an absurd foul.

He was cautioned for foul play with the pro wrestling ‘headlock’ technique.

This is Reporter Song Ki-seong.

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Ronaldo’s team Al Nasr and Jang Hyeon-soo are playing against Al-Hilal’s rivalry with Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo showed strong motivation from the beginning, and after conceding the opening goal with a penalty kick, his expression hardened as if something was not working out.

And in the 12th minute of the second half, Ronaldo committed an unexpected foul.메이저놀이터

He fell with his arm wrapped around the opponent’s neck in the process of fighting for an aerial ball.

The referee mercilessly gave a warning to a foul that looked like a pro wrestling ‘headlock’ technique.

Soccer fans say, ‘Do you think he plays in WWE (professional wrestling)?’, ‘Ronaldo caught a robber!’ The reaction was mixed with ridicule.

Ronaldo’s incomprehensible behavior is not unique this time.

He received a yellow card for a headlock once during his time at Manchester United last year, and in the Saudi league, he kicked his ball into the sky and kicked a water bottle.

After conceding one more goal from a penalty kick, Ronaldo split the net with a shot from the corner, but hung his head again as it was declared offside.

In the end, Al Nasr, second in the league, lost 2-0 and missed the opportunity to pursue the lead, and Ronaldo lost his rival and lost face.

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