Hanwha needed a reliable leader, and Subero’s choice was Jung Woo-ram.

 A veteran pitcher in charge of captaining the new season… Shall we make up for the disappointment of the past 3 years? The

Hanwha Eagles begin preparations for the 2023 season with a new captain. The protagonist who will lead the team is ‘veteran pitcher’ Jung Woo-ram.

Hanwha announced on the morning of the 17th, “Pitcher Jung Woo-ram has been appointed as the captain of the new team for the 2023 season.” Coach Carlos Subero, who has been holding the baton since the 2021 season, directly suggested Jung Woo-ram to take over the captaincy.

Regarding this decision, coach Subero revealed the background, saying, “Before he is the best in the team, he is a player who sets an example for all players.” Jung Woo-ram accepted the offer from coach Subero. Jung Woo-ram said, “I will live up to the expectations that the coach has entrusted to me. I want to meet him in person in the United States and talk with him so that the team can soar.”

Pitcher captain for the first time in 16 years,

Hanwha, which has had many twists and turns, It is the first time in 16 years since Jeong Min-cheol in 2007 that a pitcher took over as team captain in Hanwha. Pitcher Jang Min-jae led the players as a temporary captain during last season, but until then, it was the fielders’ share.

Lee Seong-yeol (2019 season) was the only player at Hanwha since the late 2010s who completed the season with the captain’s armband. Lee Seong-yeol took over the armband in place of Song Gwang-min during the 2018 season, and maintained the captaincy until the following year.

Even after the appointment of Subero, the situation did not change much. In 2021, the first year of his appointment, he started with the no-sugwang captain system, but at the end of June, the captain changed at the request of the player. The player who took over the position was Ha Joo-seok.

Even after the year passed, Ha Joo-seok, who was trusted by coach Subero, was the captain for the 2022 season, but was absent for more than 10 days as he was disciplined for protesting the strike decision in mid-June. During this period, Jang Min-jae took on the role of Ha Joo-seok instead.

Ha Joo-seok, who returned after digesting the disciplinary action, was still the captain. While conducting the finishing camp after last season, the weight was focused on’continuation’ rather than a new face over the claim for the 2023 season. However, on November 19, it was confirmed that he was caught by the police while driving drunk, and he was punished by a 70-game suspension from the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO). 토토사이트

Ha Joo-seok’s punishment completely changed the story. In the end, Hanwha had to find a new claim this time too. Coach Subero’s idea was that he wanted a player who could lead the players with a sense of stability throughout the season to become the captain.

Jung Woo

-ram , who started his professional life after being nominated by SK Wyverns (now SSG Landers) in the 2023 season, 2004, 2nd round (11th overall), which is also important for Jung Woo-ram himself, is Hanwha under the condition of a total of 8.5 billion won for 4 years after the 2015 season. signed an FA contract with It was his first transfer since his professional debut.

He posted double-digit saves while appearing in more than 50 games each year, and helped the team reach the postseason in 2018. Considering that he is a reliever, it was not a small amount, but from the perspective of Hanwha, the investment paid off as a result. Recognizing the player’s contribution, Hanwha signed a new contract with Jung Woo-ram for a total of 3.9 billion won over 4 years after the 2019 season.

The last three seasons have left me with a lot of regret. In 2020 (4.80) and 2021 (5.64), his earned run average rose sharply, and last year he started only 23 games in the first team due to shoulder pain. His final regular season performance was 23 games, 18⅓ innings, 1 loss, 7 holds, 1 save, and an earned run average of 2.95. His heart was heavy as he failed to do his part as a veteran.

Jung Woo-ram, who is already in the final season of his 4-year contract as a free agent, wants to make up for his disappointment. Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to respond to coach Subero’s expectations, as he is responsible for the team’s leap together with young pitchers as the “eldest brother” of the Hanwha mound.

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