Goldglover, who had a 15% chance, says he “respects” his colleagues…proved $11.8 billion in value in one year, “exceeded expectations”

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier, who won the American League Gold Glove in 2015, 2016, and 2019, surprised everyone with a no-hitter.

Kiermaier started in center field and batted eighth in the lineup against the Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and went hitless in four at-bats.

Kiermaier, who had been hitting in the triple digits this season, was silent against Milwaukee. Instead, the three-time Gold Glove winner allowed his fellow starters to get the job done.

“Kiermeyer made a masterpiece,” wrote, “racing 92 feet in 4.7 seconds to make the catch as the ball headed toward the right-center field track. It’s hard for even the best athletes to make a catch like that, but Kiermeyer did it at a speed of 30.4 feet per second north.”

The play came in the second inning, when Toronto took a 3-0 lead. Starter Kevin Gausman threw a 96.5 mph four-seam fastball on six pitches to Andrew Monasterio two batters later. Monasterio batted, and the pitch was hit to right-center field.

It looked like it was going to clear right-center field, but center fielder Kiermeyer chased the pitch with tremendous speed and threw himself at it. The pitch went right into Kiermeyer’s glove. According to, he had a “15 percent chance of catching it.”스포츠토토

While he didn’t produce a hit or an RBI, Hosmer helped his team win the game. Gausman, who picked up his fourth win of the season, acknowledged that. “I saw a lot of plays like that when I was in Baltimore,” he said after the game, “so I have a lot of respect for Keirmeier. I’m glad he did it for me now.”

“Kiermeyer, who signed a one-year, $9 million deal in the offseason, has exceeded all expectations with his versatility,” wrote.

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