From drug stock manipulation to drunk driving… Professional golfer troubled by crime

 There is no windy day in the world of professional golfers. This is because a professional golfer is involved in a drug crime and a drunk driving scandal, followed by a stock price manipulation scandal issued by SG (Societe Generale) Securities, and is rising in rumors.

◇ ‘Stock manipulation scandal’ that shook the stock market… Recruitment of nominal investors for golf lessons

The Financial Services Commission conducted a search and seizure of a screen golf driving range in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 27th. This is because of suspicion of manipulation of the stock price of the ‘force’ in which Mr. A, a professional golfer in his 30s, who is the representative of the driving range, participated.

Mr. A, who has claimed to be in charge of golf lessons for Korea’s top actors, approached celebrities and real estate giants in the name of golf lessons to recruit investors.

Circumstances were revealed that the investment commission was received in a way such as a golf lesson fee, rather than the normal method such as account transfer.

The corporation headed by Mr. A also acquired golf courses in the US and Japan, and it is known that singer Lim Chang-jeong invested in them.

Currently, Mr. A has closed the golf driving range, homepage, YouTube, and personal social media and is in a state of hiding. Mr. A was found to be one of 10 people who were banned from leaving the country.

◇ Drunk driving false statement “I drove” instead of Lee Eru. A

female professional golfer in her 30s who was accused of aiding and abetting an escape from a criminal, female professional golfer B in her 30s, when Eru (40, real name Cho Seong-hyun), the son of singer Tae Jin-ah and working as a singer and actor, was charged with aiding and abetting a criminal. Mr. also became a source of gossip.

When Mr. B was caught in the car of Mr. Cho, who was driving drunk in September of last year, when the police caught her, the situation was revealed that she simulated manipulation, saying, “I will state that I was driving.”

B, who joined the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) in 2008, has been active in golf entertainment and YouTube, and has been active as a golf influencer. Ms. B said she was inactive for a while after the incident, but she recently returned to her personal SNS.

As Mr. Cho was handed over to trial for charges such as drunk driving, the possibility that Mr. B would also appear in court as her witness increased.스포츠토토

◇ Professional golfer YouTuber who gave drugs to cure hangovers Pro golfer

YouTuber Jo (30) is also under criticism for cheating and giving drugs to a fellow female golfer as hangover cure.

Cho was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison and 3 years of probation in the first trial for tricking female professional golfer C into swallowing ecstasy as a hangover cure at an entertainment bar in July of last year.

Cho, who has one of the best followers in Korea, posted a new video on his YouTube channel despite being sentenced to prison, and after receiving criticism, switched to private.

Due to the prosecution’s appeal, Mr. Cho is facing a second trial.

A professional golfer who requested anonymity said, “Amid the golf boom during the corona period, ‘media pros’ who appeared in lessons or entertainment received a lot of attention.” it does,” he said.

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