“Four gloves, when the main hyungs are resting… ” LG’s 24-year-old back-up starter, exhibition game home run king is meaningless

“I carry 4 gloves.”

LG Song Chan-eui is classified as a representative ‘backup starter’ that director Yeom Gyeong-yeop enjoys along with Moon Seong-joo. If Moon Seong-joo is in fact a member of the outfield Big 5 and should be considered closer to the starter, Song Chan-eui is in a position close to a backup.

Still, coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop has been paying attention to Song Chan-eui since the Scottsdale spring camp. Born in 1999, he is a 24-year-old infielder, but can also play in the outfield. When he sees his talent and potential in baseball, he sees him as a player who should be the starting pitcher for the long term.

In 2022, he became the home run king with 6 homers in the demonstration game. However, the wall of the first team in the regular season was high. According to director Yeom’s training theory, Song Chan-eui has yet to establish his own routine and mechanic. Therefore, he did not have a ‘success experience’, and he could not prepare a foothold to overcome his side effects and come up. Since last winter, the demonstration game is the time to strengthen Song Chan-eui’s own baseball.안전놀이터

After the KIA game in Gwangju on the 21st, Song Chan-eui said, “It is more important to have a good season than the results of the demonstration game. It is now being established. This season, when the main players are resting, you have to go out and do well. When the season starts, there will be a role, and it must be fulfilled. I may not be able to fill the share of the main hyungs, but I want to help.”

On the 21st, he hit a home run that put a wedge in the game in the second half. 0.276 batting average in 8 games, 2 homers, 8 RBIs, 4 runs, OPS 0.974. It’s not up to the pace of last year’s exhibition game, but it’s in good enough condition. It’s definitely a style that has good one-hit power compared to his size.

Song Chan-eui said, “I didn’t change my form at camp. It’s important for him to get the pitcher’s timing right at the plate. I talked a lot about this with coach Lee Ho-jun. Last year, I thought a lot at bat, so I didn’t get good results. He was told a lot that the head should not move (up to the point of impact) even if the upper and lower body are shaken.”

However, Song Chan-eui pays attention to defense as well as to hitting. If he’s a starting back-up, he’ll also need to show solid strength on defense. “First of all, I am focusing on first and second base,” he said. Basically, LG first base this season is Lee Jae-won, and second base is Seo Geon-chang.

However, there is no guarantee that Lee Jae-won will successfully settle down as a full-time first baseman. Manager Yeom sends Lee Jae-won as the 8th hitter, but if he falls into a terrible slump and takes a break, he plans to use Song Chan-eui or Kim Min-seong as first baseman. If Seo Geon-chang fails to rebound again, Song Chan-eui’s playing time may increase.

Song Chan-eui said, “I carry 4 gloves to the outfield. Each position has its challenges. He makes many mistakes and lacks. He’s tough on defense. He is lacking in either position, which he tries to show more. Whatever position you play, you have to do well.”

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