FIFA Foundation Donates KRW 1.3 Billion to Relieve Damage from the Turkiye-Syria Earthquake

 Reporter Kim Hyeong-joong = The FIFA Foundation donated a large sum of money to victims of the Turkiye-Syrian earthquake.

FIFA announced on the 17th (Korean time) that the FIFA Foundation has donated 1 million dollars (approximately 1.3 billion won) to the Turkiyeh-Syria earthquake damage recovery. This amount is planned to be used for more than 42,000 earthquake victims who are currently homeless and struggling with the cold. 온라인바카라

FIFA said that it would be used for the purchase of basic necessities for life as well as the installation of temporary shelters for victims who have lost their places to go through consultations with the Turkiye Football Federation (TFF) and the Syrian Football Federation (SFA). In addition, we plan to continue close collaboration with the football associations of both countries and monitor the situation before deciding on additional support.

On the other hand, the FIFA Foundation is an organization established in 2018 under the will of FIFA to return the profits through soccer to a positive impact on society. In 2020, for the true globalization of football, we announced ‘Vision 2020-2023’ to return profits for the world and the earth by using the intrinsic value of sports.

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