Female badminton Lee Jeong-hyeon (Pocheon City Hall) who acquired the Taegeuk mark after 4 out of 5 seasons

“I really like the weight and joy that the Taegeuk mark gives me, whether it was in my junior days or now.”

Lee Jeong-hyeon (23, Pocheon City Hall) was a promising player who played an active role as the main doubles player when he was a junior badminton representative. Baek Ha-na (MG Saemaeul Geumgo), Lee Yu-rim (Samsung Life Insurance), Jeong Na-eun (Hwasun-gun Office), and Wang Chan (Gimcheon City Hall), born in 2000, who were born in the same age as him, participated in international competitions wearing the Taegeuk mark early on. Lee Jung-hyun himself also performed well, winning two gold medals in women’s doubles and mixed doubles at the 2018 Jakarta Junior Open, a bronze medal in mixed doubles at the Asian Junior Championships, and a silver medal in the team event at the World Junior Championships. However, at the end of last year, he had to drink four times to wear the Taegeuk mark. At the end of the 4th and 5th seasons, he feels that even Taegeuk Makra himself is precious and proud.

Lee Jung-hyun recently met with Sports Dong-a and said, “Even before his national team selection at the end of last year, he strengthened his mental armament. In particular, as he continued to play for a week, he became mentally exhausted as time passed, so he focused on catching up with his mind,” he said. “In the meantime, there were too many failures. He tried not to lose easily even if he lost to show a better image,” he said of his feelings about being selected as a national representative.

Lee Jung-hyun’s main event, women’s doubles, is the most competitive. Kim Hye-jung (25, Samsung Life Insurance) – Jo Jung Na-eun (4th in the world ranking), Kim So-young (31, Incheon International Airport) – Gong Hee-yong (27, Jeonbuk Bank) Joe (7th), Lee So-hee – Shin Seung-chan (29, Incheon International Airport) There are many competitive groups such as Airport) group (12th place) and Baek Hana-Lee Yoo-rim group (15th place). In the doubles, where a total of 11 players were selected at the national team selection, Kim So-young, Shin Seung-chan, Lee So-hee, and Gong Hee-yong took the seats according to the automatic selection rule for players within the world ranking as of the end of last year, and in fact, 24 players competed for 7 spots. . The threshold was even narrower as the existing selection of Kim Hye-jung, Jeong Na-eun, Baek Ha-na, and Lee Yu-rim had become a fait accompli. That is why the joy of being selected for this national team is even greater. 안전놀이터

Lee Jung-hyun said, “I was so happy after being selected for the national team, and coach Cha Yoon-sook (47) of the team couldn’t hide her joy.” did not spare She later said that she had good grades and that if she won the competition, she would buy something delicious with the prize money,” she recalled at the time of being selected.

Although women’s doubles still have a high threshold, Lee Jung-hyun emphasized his responsibility as a national representative and promised a better look. Lee Jeong-hyun said, “As she wore the Taegeuk mark again, I thought that the content of the game was just as important as the outcome. “If you are a national representative, you have to give the feeling that ‘something is different,’” she said. “The pressure is great, but the responsibility is much greater. Strength and defense are my strengths in doubles back, and I really want to contribute to the national team’s strength.”

He continued, “I can’t remember the exact player name, but at the time of the 2018 World Junior Championships team event, I was defeated by a Chinese women’s doubles combination (Liu Shen Shen-Xia Yuting, world number 22) in 4 doubles with a set score of 0-2.” If there is an opportunity to avenge me on the international stage, I want to pay it back.”

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