Fastball restraint, Kim Yun-sik allowed 3 home runs, 2 rooms and 5 runs in big innings… Early steel plate ahead of episode 4 

It’s hard to get back on track. LG’s left-handed starting pitcher Kim Yun-sik hit two home runs in one inning and was knocked out early. It is the third digestion game of less than 4 innings this season.

Kim Yun-shik made his 7th start this season against Jamsil KT on the 16th. In the first and second base crisis, he overcame the crisis by striking out Alford with a grounder on second base and striking out Park Byeong-ho with a changeup in the first inning. In the second inning, Seong-Woo Jang got a hit to the left, but he finished the inning without wavering.

3 times was a problem. The first hitter, Jang Joon-won, hit left-handed, and Kim Sang-soo threw four balls in a row and committed a walk. And Jo Yong-ho allowed a 스포츠토토 timely hit to the right and conceded a goal.

After that, he hit consecutive long hits. Park Byeong-ho allowed two RBI doubles that hit the middle fence, and Moon Sang-cheol allowed a two-run four that went over the left fence.

The number of fastballs staying in the 130 km/h range has increased significantly. Also, curves and sliders often came out in the middle. In the end, Yunshik Kim was replaced by Jinsung Kim ahead of the beginning of the 4th inning. On this day, he threw 45 balls and gave up 7 hits, 1 walk, 2 strikes and 5 runs in 3 innings. His earned run average went up to 4.66.

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