‘Excluding selection after Jurusa’ STL coach-player conflict intensifies on the second day, “I’m right”

Is it the director’s narrow-minded retaliation?

St. Louis Cardinals manager Oliver Mamol removed Tyler O’Neill from the starting lineup after protesting against Juusa the previous day.

St. Louis lost 2-5 in a home game against the Atlanta Braves held at Busch Stadium on the 6th (hereafter Korean time). St. Louis, who gave up all three home games against Atlanta this time, recorded 2 wins and 4 losses, and fell to the bottom of the Central Division in the National League.안전놀이터

On this day, coach Mamol excluded O’Neal, the starting center fielder, from the starting list. The atmosphere is that the difference of opinion about O’Neal being out at home the day before is flowing into an emotional fight.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, which was trailing 1-4 at the time, after one out, O’Neill went on base with a left-handed hit. O’Neal advanced to second base on a left-handed hit by Jordan Walker, and when pinch hitter Brandon Donovan hit right-handed, O’Neill rushed home from third base. However, Atlanta right fielder Ronald Acuna Jr. threw out and was out at home.

St. Louis, who missed the chase chance, eventually lost 1-4.

After the game, coach Mamol strongly criticized, saying, “We have a lot of players who play really hard. It’s not our style of play from the point of view of doing our best to run around the base there like that.” It means you didn’t run hard.

When asked if O’Neal should have stopped at third base, Mamol said, “Basically, that’s not for the runner to judge. Why would you put a third base coach there? You have to run at 100% power until the sign to stop is given.”

However, O’Neill, the person involved, had a different idea.

O’Neill expressed regret, saying, “The manager has been pretty adamant about my run, and he doesn’t think I did my best. I come out here every day and try to do my best at my own expense for 162 games.”

Even after a day, the conflict between the two parties intensified. ESPN said, ‘O’Neill defended himself as a runaway player and said he hoped the matter would be handled internally.

O’Neill said, “I went through the minor leagues to the big leagues and played hard. It’s just my character that seems distracted. This should have been handled internally. It may not have gone out. I think it should have been handled a little differently. “I expressed my regret at the public criticism of manager Mamol.

However, Mamol was adamant, saying, “There is a play that suits us. It takes effort, and it means we have to respond decisively. We need to play smarter, and we will make sure our players do that in the future.” again emphasized.

He then hinted that it was not a warning measure, saying, “There are many good players in the clubhouse and I prefer competition.”

O’Neill said, “To be clear, I didn’t run slowly. I saved as much time as I could around third base. I looked at the replay and timed it, and I got home in about 6.5 seconds.” It doesn’t matter what the standard is. My speed is. Again, the throwing was really good,” he protested again.

O’Neal played as a pinch hitter in the 8th inning of the game and retired with a fly to center fielder.

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