‘Energy Level + Fighting Spirit + Aspiration’ KCC, LG Blocks 5 consecutive wins … 6th again

KCC’s aspirations were greater.

Jeonju KCC defeated Changwon LG 87-64 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 5th. He escaped from the crisis of losing six games in a row. With a record of 17 wins and 20 losses, it remained in 6th place alone. It was half a game behind Suwon KT (17-21) in 7th place.

From the start, KCC showed a higher energy level and fighting spirit than LG. In particular, they dominated the third quarter 28-11. KCC, who finished the 3rd quarter 73-49, confirmed the victory early. They gave home fans the gift of ‘escape from a losing streak’ and ‘6th place’.

1Q: Jeonju KCC 19-16 Changwon LG: Laguna

[Lagana 1Q record]
– 10 minutes, 11 points (3 points: 2/2) 2 rebounds 1 assist

 * Highest score in 1Q among
 players from both teams * 1Q among players from both teams KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin, who made the most three-point shots

, picks’La Gun-ah’ as the key figure in the LG match. It is said that a foreign player (La Gun-ah is a domestic player, but is classified as a foreign player in terms of power) is important in any game, but there is another reason why KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin chose La Gun-ah (199cm, C). It’s because he’s blocking Assem Marey (202cm, C).
KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “(La) Geon-ah is the key. Geonah has to block Marey 1:1, so our team has a chance to win,” he thought of Laguna as the key.
Laguna was pushed back in a power struggle with Marey. But it wasn’t enough to get his teammate’s help defense to come. Because Laguna endured, domestic players were able to focus on their matchups. The reason why KCC’s defensive balance did not collapse.
Laguna’s power was revealed even more in her attack. Laguna, who had up to 3 points, harassed Marey at various points. In particular, after he scored 3 points, he scored in the paint zone with a breakthrough using speed and power. Because Laguna’s offensive and defensive power was combined, KCC was able to gain an early advantage.

2Q: Jeonju KCC 45-38 Changwon LG: Heo Woong

[Heo Woong 2Q record]
– 10 minutes, 12 points (2 points: 4/6), 2 assists, 1 rebound

 * Most points scored in 2Q among players from both teams
 * Most assists in 2Q in the team

KCC are having difficulties Lee Seung-hyeon (197cm, F), who was supposed to lay the groundwork as well as the result of 5 consecutive losses, left due to a right elbow injury. The withdrawal period is also quite long.
The burden on Heo Woong (185cm, G) increased. This is because the resources to disperse Heoung’s checks have decreased. Also, Yoon Won-sang (181cm, G) did not leave Heoung’s side. Heoung’s physical burden could have increased. 온라인바카라
Nevertheless, Heo Woong fulfilled his duties as an ace. score first. Regardless of whether there was a ball or not, and whether or not there was a screen, LG attacked the rim. He piled up points with a variety of options, including three-pointers and layups.
It naturally melted into KCC’s ball flow. In the fast attack, he pricked the ball to the person penetrating the rim, and also passed the ball to the resource who got a chance in the set offense. He also created a synergistic effect with his colleagues as an assist. Thanks to Heo Woong, who scored and assisted, KCC was able to finish the first half in a good mood.

3Q: Jeonju KCC 73-49 Changwon LG: Overwhelming difference

[Compare KCC-LG, key records in 3Q]
– Score: 28-11
– Number of successful 2-point shots: 6-2
– Number of successful 3-point shots: 3-0
– Fast break Scored by: 4-0
– Scored by turnover: 6-0

 * All in front of

KCC The difference in game process between KCC and LG occurred in the first half. This is because other than Laguna and Heoung, the players on the court did the basics.
I was obsessed with one loose ball, and I didn’t lose to the LG players in the speed fight and physical fight. It was the same in the third quarter. He persistently blocked the striker he was assigned to, and replaced it with a quick attack. It was the factor that prevented LG from scoring, and the factor that allowed KCC to score.
Of course, key resources also existed. They were Ra Gun-ah and Kim Sang-gyu (198cm, F). Both Ra Gun-ah and Kim Sang-gyu crossed the rim and outside, and Ra Gun-ah and Kim Sang-gyu scored 14 points each in the 3rd quarter (2 points: 4/5, 3 points: 2/2), 3 rebounds (attack 1), 1 assist, 1 block shot and 7 Recorded 2 points, 1 assist and 1 steal. They were the main players who made the difference between KCC and LG.

4Q: Jeonju KCC 87-64 Changwon LG: Crisis Escape

[KCC, last 6 match results]
1. 2023.01.20. vs Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium): 64-66 (lose)
2. 2023.01.22. vs Changwon LG (Changwon Indoor Gymnasium): 74-93 (L)
3. 2023.01.24. vs Daegu Korea Gas Corporation (Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium): 67-72 (lose)
4. 2023.01.28. vs Wonju DB (Wonju Gymnasium): 73-89 (lose)
5. 2023.01.31. vs Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation (Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium): 81-83 (lose)
6. 2023.02.05. vs Changwon LG (Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium) : 87-64 (Win)

 * Escape from 5 consecutive losses

KCC faced a crisis before meeting LG. It was a crisis of 5 consecutive losses. As mentioned earlier, Lee Seung-hyun is also missing. This was the reason why KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin’s concerns grew.
However, KCC showed signs of a rebound from the Anyang KGC Ginseng Construction on January 31st. This is because they showed fighting spirit and speed with an extreme small lineup. If the good memories of the KGC Ginseng Corporation were recalled, there was a high probability that KCC would end its losing streak.
Fortunately, KCC seemed to recall only good memories. Against LG, who has good defense and activity, they set up a counterattack with ‘energy level’ and ‘fighting spirit’. It was the same in the 4th quarter. Although their concentration dropped a bit, KCC won after 6 challenges. Because it was a victory connected to the fight for 6th place, the victory over LG was a little more precious to KCC.

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