‘End of the 18th year’ Wonderful stone Buddha, 2006 first WBC national team → only active player

Samsung pitcher Oh Seung-hwan (41) joined the pro in 2005 and continued to play an active role as a top-class finisher for 18 years until last year. He will be the finisher this year as well.

This is possible because he consistently maintains thorough self-management, passion for baseball, and excellent pitching. Thanks to this, Oh Seung-hwan is the only member of the 2006 first World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team that is still playing as an active player. greatness itself

2006 WBC 1st tournament. The KBO appointed coach Kim In-sik as the national team’s command tower, and the national team was composed of the best players from overseas and the KBO league at the time.

Park Chan-ho (San Diego), Koo Dae-seong (New York Mets), Kim Byung-hyeon (Colorado), Kim Seon-woo (Colorado), Bong Joong-geun (Cincinnati), Seo Jae-eung (LA Dodgers), Choi Hee-seop (LA Dodgers), and Lee Seung-yeop (Yomiuri) of Nippon Professional Baseball. Joined this overseas group. Oh Seung-hwan wore the Taegeuk mark with Bae Young-soo (Samsung), Son Min-han (Lotte), Kim Jong-guk (KIA), and Park Jin-man (Samsung).

In the first year of his debut in 2005, Oh Seung-hwan, who set a record of ‘triple double’ (10 wins – 10 holds – 10 saves or more) with his stone fastball, was also selected for the WBC national team held in March 2006.

Oh Seung-hwan showed an impressive pitch in the match against the United States. Michael Barrett, catcher of the U.S. team, admired Seung-hwan Oh’s ball, saying, “It’s like throwing 110 miles per hour (about 177 km).” At that time, Seung-hwan Oh had a speed of 140km, but the ball tip movement was good, so the batter felt the speed.

Oh Seung-hwan also participated in the 2nd competition in 2009, and also played an active role with the Taegeuk mark in the 3rd and 4th competitions in 2013 and 2017. In particular, in the match against Taiwan in the first round of the 4th tournament held at the Gocheok Dome in Seoul in 2017, the perfect pitch in 2 innings was impressive. 메이저사이트

Seung-hwan Oh, who took the mound in the bottom of the 9th inning with the score tied 8-8 against Taiwan, was on the verge of ending second base safely, and overcame the crisis with strikeouts, strikeouts, and fly balls. Korea was eliminated in the first round with 2 losses, but Oh Seung-hwan’s reverse fight was a stepping stone to win over Taiwan and save face with 1 win (2 losses).

Oh Seung-hwan is a “Uee” player who participated in all of the WBC 1-4 tournaments along with Kim Tae-gyun (former Hanwha). And among the national team members who achieved the feat of reaching the quarterfinals in the first tournament, Oh Seung-hwan is the only player who is still playing as a professional player. All other players have retired. Kim Jong-kook, Park Jin-man, and Lee Seung-yeop, who were then national team players, have turned into professional baseball coaches.

Oh Seung-hwan went overseas and played for Hanshin Tigers in Japan Professional Baseball (2014-2015) and St. Louis, Toronto, and Colorado in the US Major League (2016-2019). He returned to Samsung in 2020 and held the finishing position even in his late 30s, continuing until last year.

Last year, there was a bit of a crisis. He went 6-2 with 2 holds and 31 saves with an earned run average of 3.32 in 57 games (57 innings). He lost his balance during the season and was sluggish (seven blown saves), but he got on the mound and threw even with an ankle injury. He was shaken in July, but in August-September, he regained the dignity of the ‘end plate captain’.

He recorded 37 wins, 19 losses, 15 holds, 370 saves and an earned run average of 1.93 in 610 career games in the KBO League. Oh Seung-hwan, who is about to enter his 19th professional season, has gone to Okinawa, Japan, for personal training. If he adds 30 saves, the KBO League’s career saver, he will leave a milestone of 400 saves.

On the other hand, Oh Seung-hwan entrusted the club with a blank this year’s annual salary to make up for last year’s sluggish performance, but recently the Samsung club decided Oh’s annual salary at 1.4 billion won (with an option of 300 million won separately).

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