Elling Holland Went from ‘Minnie Mouse’ to ‘Hulk’ in a month→Pectoral muscle buns instead of awkward ribs→Showed off ‘ripped upper body’ at winner’s parade

The transformation is unbelievable. Elling Holland, the monster of the English Premier League’s Manchester City, has become really muscular in just one month. Of course, being a soccer player, his body is naturally muscular, but it’s so different from his body in mid-May that it made me scratch my head.

The Sun recently reported that Holland’s body has undergone a crazy transformation in just over a month. Judging by the photos, he looks as muscular as if he’s been on steroids.

Holland showed off his shirtless body at the Traveling Bus Parade in Manchester earlier this week, where he was drenched in alcohol and rain. He was joined by Jack Grealish to celebrate the win.

The Sun reported that Holland showed off his incredible body transformation as he posed with the Champions League trophy.Holland’s season is truly one for the history books. In his first season in a Manchester City jersey, he scored a total of 51 goals in the Premier League, cup competitions, and the FA Cup.

During the victory bus parade, Holland showed off his muscular body as if to brag about his fitness transformation: ‘Holland showed off his ripped body during City’s victory parade, showing off his six-pack and bulging muscles,’ wrote The Sun.

A month ago, Holland’s body was nothing to behold. It was almost embarrassing to look at. He had been photographed in his underwear in a dressing room with a British musician when they met. It looked like a normal body, not a soccer player’s body.

In fact, within a month, Holland had completely transformed his body and became muscular. To stay in top physical shape, Holland follows a strict diet and fitness regimen. He drinks water filtered through special filters and eats fresh cow’s liver and salt tomatoes. He also drinks a special drink called a “magic potion”. His daily calorie intake can reach more than 6,000 calories.스포츠토토

Even though Holland takes care of his body like this on a regular basis, his body is a world away from what it was a month ago. According to teammate Grillisch, Holland doesn’t enjoy drinking alcohol. Like Grillisch, he prefers the cryotherapy room to the nightclub.

As of a month ago, Holland was not using any new methods to maintain his body, according to The Sun. However, his upper body muscles are a different story.

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