‘Eat 6 meals a day and build muscle’ → Nail art… 38-year-old Ronaldo’s ‘secret to get in shape’

 I am 38 years old, but my muscles crack even after eating 6 meals a day. Cristiano Ronaldo’s daily health routine has been revealed.

On the 23rd (Korean time), Britain’s The Sun unveiled Ronaldo’s strict routine for maintaining athletic performance and health care. According to the media, Ronaldo eats six meals a day and is known to try various methods such as cryotherapy and nail art.

Recently, Ronaldo shared a photo of himself enjoying a sauna on social media. He immediately became a hot topic. However, it wasn’t the sculpted abs that drew fans’ attention. Fans paid more attention to Ronaldo’s black toenails than his abs.

Surprisingly, black toenails are just one of many ways Ronaldo manages his health.

The media introduced five health routines of Ronaldo.먹튀검증

The first was 6 meals a day. Ronaldo is known to eat up to six meals a day. The food that accounts for the most portion of the diet is fish, and it is said that tuna, swordfish, and steamed cod are especially liked.

In addition, chicken, which has a high protein-to-fat content, is regarded as a ‘magic food’. For breakfast, I eat ham, cheese, low-fat yogurt, and sometimes avocado toast. Have chicken salad or tuna salad for lunch and meat and fish for dinner.

The second secret is cryotherapy. Ronaldo has been using it so often that he has a cryotherapy room in his house since he played for Real Madrid. The cryotherapy room drops below minus 160 degrees in three minutes, and has the effect of reducing muscle pain, swelling, and inflammation.

The third secret is regular exercise. Ronaldo is not content with just training his team. He follows a rigorous routine and does extra workouts. He does 25 minutes of cardio, followed by high-intensity sprints and weight training.

He also swims regularly and does Pilates to strengthen his core muscles. Ronaldo’s workout time is at least 3 hours a day.

Fourth is enough sleep. Ronaldo sleeps 8 hours a day in 5 splits. Ronaldo believes that adequate sleep can maximize training effects, and is known to actually help with muscle recovery.

The fifth is nail art. The reason why Ronaldo’s toenails are black is not for simple cosmetic purposes. Many athletes, including Ronaldo, are known to paint their toes to avoid fungal and bacterial infections.

This is to prevent this because wearing sweaty shoes for hours makes them vulnerable to bacterial infections.

The reason I was able to maintain a crazy body that didn’t look like a 38-year-old was thanks to keeping all of these things.

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