“Don’t be afraid to advance to the K-League”… Park Hang-seo’s bitter remarks toward ‘Vietnamese football’

Coach Park Hang-seo, who led the Vietnamese national team for 5 years and 4 months, gave affectionate advice to Vietnamese football.

Director Park, who directed Vietnam from 2017 to the end of last month, put down the baton without renewing the contract. Coach Park, who arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 14th, gave affectionate advice to Vietnamese football at a press conference.

Recently, Vietnamese players are increasing the frequency of advancing to the top Asian leagues, such as the Korean K-League and Japan’s J-League. This season, Van Toan, who was coached by coach Park, entered Korea by joining Seoul E-Land in the K League 2. 바카라사이트

Bantoan, along with coach Park, achieved achievements such as winning the 2018 AFC (Asian Football Confederation) U-23 Asian Cup runner-up, winning the 2018 Suzuki Cup, and winning the 2018 King’s Cup. In December of last year, he participated in the Mitsubishi Electric Cup and performed the last dance with coach Park.

Coach Park said, “Vietnamese players have gone to Korea and Japan as well. Recently, there are also Banto An,” but “Vietnam is very conservative about each player. Vietnamese clubs are not thinking too much about going abroad. “I keep saying that we need to change,” he said.

He also advised Vietnamese players to be courageous. Coach Park said, “Actually, Vietnamese players are afraid of going to Korea. In the past, it was difficult to fight in Kong Phuong and it was completely different from Vietnamese football, so the players were afraid.” pointed out

At the same time, he expected that he would be able to adapt easily, saying, “In the case of Van Toan, I think he knows well about the tendencies of Vietnamese players, as coach Park Choong-gyun served as a coach in Vietnam.”

“Other players in Korea or Japan are not at the top level right now in Vietnam. But I think both attackers and defenders will adapt well,” he said. If the opportunity arises, I will continue to talk about this through the media,” he emphasized, not being afraid of going abroad.

Photo = Incheon International Airport, reporter Go Ara, provided by the Korea Professional Football Federation

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