Director Kwon Soon-chan was looking for an answer, and Kim Yeon-kyung revealed her toenails…

Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Yeon-kyung (35)’s challenge to win the championship was faced with a crisis this season as well, following two years ago. 

Kim Yeon-kyung waved her hand at her championship-related questions in an interview at the opening Media Day in October last year. He was cautious, saying, “It will take a lot of steps to go from 6th to 1st (last season). (Winning) will not be easy.” Rather, he predicted, “I think it will be a season to challenge with young players.”  

Heungkuk Life Insurance, joined by Kim Yeon-kyung, quickly established a Yanggang system with Hyundai Engineering & Construction. Recently, while Hyundai E&C has been slowing down due to the successive departures of key players, it has pursued to the bottom of the chin. Second place Heungkuk Life Insurance passed the halfway point with 42 points (14 wins, 4 losses), and leader Hyundai E&C scored 45 points (16 wins, 2 losses). In particular, Heungkuk Life Insurance raised the mood by winning 3-1 in a confrontation with Hyundai Engineering & Construction on the 29th of last month. 

‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung also finally revealed her desire to win. Kim Yeon-kyung said, “Of course, there is a desire to be number one. (From now on) I wonder if I should be a little more greedy and do it.” He looked much more confident than in the opening Media Day interview. 

Kim Yeon-kyung’s V-League championship was the last in the 2008-09 season. Heungkuk Life Insurance ran for first place in the 2020-21 season when Kim Yeon-kyung returned, but ran aground after the controversy over school violence between sisters Lee Da-young and Jae-young broke out. 

Kim Yeon-kyung is flying higher and higher. The score by round gradually increased from 99 points → 110 points → 140 points. The attack success rate also exceeded 50% (53.16%) for the first time in the third round. The overall offense ranks first overall (47.01%). The score is 7th overall (349 points), but if it is limited to domestic players, it corresponds to the 1st place. In the third round MVP vote announced on the 4th, Kim Yeon-kyung received 26 out of 31 votes and was selected for the second time this season following the first round. He pledged, “The attack share is increasing and the chemistry with the setter is improving. I will try harder to maintain it as much as possible.”  안전놀이터

On the other hand, Hyundai E&C had bad news. Yasmin will be absent for the time being due to herniated disc surgery. Kang Seong-hyung, coach of Hyundai E&C, said, “Even if we get a half-threat in the fourth round, it will be a success.” It is its own diagnosis that the difference in points until the 3rd round is only 3 points, so it may give Heungkuk Life Insurance first place in the 4th round.

Heungkuk Life Insurance was on the way to finding an answer to destroy Hyundai E&C. In order to stop Hyundai E&C, one of Yasmin and Yang Hyo-jin, the main scorer, must be thoroughly blocked.  

Kwon Soon-chan, coach of Heungkuk Life Insurance, was surprised after the first round confrontation with Hyundai E&C on November 1 last year, “Honestly, I experienced the influence of Yang Hyo-jin (17 points) for the first time, and it was great.” Instead, he said, “I paint a picture in my head of what to do next. I’ll try to block it out perfectly.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance lost 0-3 after giving 32 points to Yasmin in the second round. However, Yang Hyo-jin scored well with 10 points and a success rate of 31.58%. It fell far short of Yang Hyo-jin’s season average score (15.6 points) and success rate (48.88%). In the third round, Yang Hyo-jin was blocked with 9 points (33.33%). Kim Yeon-kyung said, “I blocked Yang Hyo-jin well. I prepared well and got a good result.” Director Kwon Soon-chan said, “I blocked Yang Hyo-jin well in the second round, but I lost. When asked about Yang Hyo-jin’s secret to containment, he said it was a “secret” and did not disclose it. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance announced its farewell to director Kwon Soon-chan on the 2nd. It is a de facto hard. It is said that the veteran players were greatly shaken during this process. For the time being, it will be operated under the system of acting manager Lee Young-soo. Heungkuk Life Insurance needs to find a new strategy and settle the atmosphere to challenge the championship. 

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