Darvish, who runs until the age of 42, surpasses Park Chan-ho… Will the record be broken?

 ESPN and other US local media reported on the 10th (Korean time) that San Diego and Darvish Yu (37‧ San Diego) signed a six-year contract extension worth 108 million dollars 토토사이트. All at once, they struck out with breaking news.

Originally, Darvish had a contract with San Diego until this year. Since he is earning $18 million this year, he is effectively receiving an additional $90 million in return for playing for five more years. Darvish’s contract with San Diego runs through 2028. If Darvish completes this contract, he will play in the major leagues until he is 42 years old.

Even in Japan, which has a longer history of major league pitchers than Korea, there are not many major league pitchers in their 40s. Koji Uehara played until the age of 42, but unlike Darvish, he was a bullpen pitcher. Hideki Kuroda, who was a starting pitcher, played an active role until the age of 39. Hideo Nomo, a pioneer, played until the age of 40, but did not play in the major leagues for two years from 2006 to 2007, and only played 3 games in 2008, when he was 40 years old.

It is not that common for a 37-year-old player to be given a fairly large contract that guarantees a contract in his 40s, with a total value of over $100 million. Suffice it to say that San Diego, who spent two years with Darvish, was confident in his skills. It is a strong trust that he will do his part enough even in his 40s.

In fact, Darvish went out in 30 games last year and threw 194⅔ innings, recording 16 wins and 8 losses with an average ERA of 3.10 and 197 strikeouts. 194⅔innings was the most innings he had since 209⅔innings in 2013 when he was 27 years old.

Now, the focus is on whether Darvish can maintain his skills and reach the highest number of victories in Asia. Darvish recorded 95 wins (75 losses) in 10 major league career seasons. The record for the most wins by a Japanese major leaguer is Nomo’s 123 wins, and the record for the most wins in Asia is 124 wins by Park Chan-ho.

There are 29 wins left to win 124. Considering his age, it was expected that it would be difficult for Darvish to sign a long-term contract even if he entered the FA market. So, the reaction was that it would take time to know if it would be possible to win 29 times. But now, stable conditions have been prepared for another six years.

By simple calculation, 29 wins can be renewed with an annual average of 5 wins over 6 years. It seems very probable. Even if he comes down from the starting position in his later years, there is a high possibility that he will win 29 wins in the next three years at his current pace.

Park’s 124th victory came in 2010. No player has come close to this record for a while, and now Darvish seems to be challenging this record. In other words, if Darvish breaks this record and sends the standard further, it will take a long time for this record to be broken again, and there may even be no player to break it. Darvish’s race for the Asian record resumed with a breather.

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