Daejeon Hana Citizen, ‘promoted to part 1’, is ready to return to ‘Soccer Special City’?

m with reporter Park Yeon-sun of the news department for live sports.

Reporter Park, I accompanied Daejeon Hana Citizen’s battery training right before the Lunar New Year holiday.

First of all, where did this year’s battery training take place?


Yes, the training camp was in Thailand.

The reporters stayed in Thailand for five days from the 14th to cover the incident.

The training camp was located in Chonburi, an hour and a half away from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand.

The temperature was hot over 35 degrees, but it was the dry season, so the humidity wasn’t high, making it the best place for soccer training.

Field training was conducted in a resort here, and there was a Korean restaurant and a buffet restaurant, and there were several playgrounds.

It was impressive that each team could use the stadium as if it were a dedicated stadium.

There is also a swimming pool where they can cool off after field training, so the players were highly satisfied.

Since it was the first field training after being promoted, the atmosphere was quite good.


It was the first season of the promotion, so there must have been an atmosphere of encouragement, but I think the resolution was different.


Yes, in the K-League 1, there was a clear perception that things had to change.

As you saw in the previous interview with Joo Se-jong, the players saw K-League 2 and K-League 1 as a completely different stage with a level higher than one level.

The captain, Cho Yoo-min, also left a message that he was curious about how competitive he and his team would be in the K-League 1.

Even so, the team’s goal was to reach 6th place or higher, which is the highest split participation ranking.

Let’s listen to the determination of the newly recruited player Oh Jae-seok.

[Soundbite] Oh Jae-seok/Daejeon Hana Citizen Defender : “(To my family) I want to show a great image as a soccer player, and the goal of the team is to reach the top 6 and finish 6th. .”]


During the off-season training, the K League 1 schedule was announced, but unfortunately we had to play the opening match against Gangwon FC, which is using the same resort.

The atmosphere was unusual.


Yes, there is bound to be a war of nerves between professional teams playing in the same league, even if they are not opponents for the opening match.

The players’ lodgings were in the next building, and the cafeteria and weight training room had no choice but to overlap.

As previously reported, the two teams separated mealtimes and floors to avoid running into each other, and all practice games were canceled.

In particular, Gangwon FC is still in a state of sediment due to the so-called’ball boy game delay’ incident in which the ball boys on the home team Gangwon deliberately delayed the game in the promotion playoff against Daejeon Hana Citizen held in Gangneung in 2021.

Coach Lee Min-seong was relatively calm, but the players seemed to be rather motivated.

[Cho Yu-min/Daejeon Hana Citizen Captain: “Anyway, there were other incidents between the teams in Gangwon and Daejeon, so the players are well aware of those things, and they have to win for the sake of the fans…”]

[ [Anchor]

Let’s talk about the last recruits.

This part will be reported on the news tomorrow, but first of all, I wonder if the players are adapting well.


Yes, Daejeon Hana Citizen recruited K-League 2 top scorer Yoo Kang-hyun and second-ranked Thiago last season.

Even at the battery training ground, they showed their strengths well.

Yoo Kang-hyun showed the advantage of putting effective shots anywhere, and

Thiago returned and put in crosses from the side, and fired headers freely.

He also put effort into recruiting defenders.

In particular, when he brought in side defender Oh Jae-seok, he said he made three offers.

The transfer market is not closed yet, so there is a possibility of additional reinforcement. 온라인카지노

Let’s predict the future transfer market direction through director Lee Min-seong.

[Lee Min-seong/Daejeon Hana Citizen Manager: “Since Jae-woo Kim enlisted, we are actively looking for a center back who is left-footed. Go….”]

Most of all, I was impressed by the way the players treated the 8 years the fans waited for as if it were their own time.

Literally, I’m looking forward to seeing if Daejeon Hana Citizen will make this year announcing the return of ‘Soccer Special City’.

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