Daegu Dalseong-gun K4 League soccer team Baek Ji-hwa

The soccer team project promoted by Daegu Dalseong-gun is canceled.

Dalseong-gun, Daegu  decided to cancel the establishment of the K4 League soccer team as  the business feasibility was low  as a result of conducting  a service for the establishment of the tentatively named ‘Dalseong-gun Football Team’ 온라인바카라foundation  . According to the results of the service, it was found that the operating cost of the soccer team was as  little as 1.2 billion won and as much as 2 billion won  every year . Instead, Dalseong-gun plans to create a youth soccer team and  reinforce sports facilities throughout. In the K4 league that Dalseong-gun was worried about, Seoul Heavyweight Soccer Team and Seoul Nowon United FC. There are also many teams related to local governments such as Pyeongchang United FC.

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