Confidence of European champions “We are strong even without recruitment”

Reporter Park Moon-soo = “Recruitment Why didn’t I do it? Because I don’t need it.”

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti, the European champion, explained why there was little movement in the January transfer window.

The January transfer window, which was held right after the World Cup in Qatar, came to an end. Amidst the Premier League trend, European champions Real Madrid closed the transfer window without signing a single player.

In response to this question, coach Ancelotti replied, “I didn’t invest because I didn’t need to invest,” through the ‘Global Edition’ of this media ( on the 1st (local time).

“I don’t think there’s a need to use the winter transfer window if you build your squad well in the summer,” Ancelotti said. “He expressed his faith in the team.

In the meantime, Real has recruited a lot of big players after the World Cup. It was quite different from when he brought Ronaldo in 2002, Cannavaro in 2006 and Ozil and James Rodriguez in 2010 and 2014 respectively. In 2018, Real bought Thibaut Courtois. All of these players showed something in the World Cup. 먹튀검증

It was a little different this time. The World Cup is held in the summer after the major league seasons in Europe. So we were able to bring in new players during the pre-season. Qatar World Cup ended in winter. A few players were named, including Enzo Fernandez, but Real didn’t add to cart or hit the buy button.

Instead, coach Ancelotti expressed his faith in the squad and said he would play the rest of the season. Currently, Real is second in La Liga and in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey. In the UEFA Champions League, we meet Liverpool, our opponents in last season’s final.

Prior to this, Real will digest the Club World Cup schedule after Lee Kang-in’s match against Mallorca. Since its inception in 2000, Real has won all four of its four Club World Cups.

As the team that has won the most UEFA Champions League, they also boast the most club World Cup titles. The most recent win was in 2018. Real, who lifted the big year again after four years, is aiming for the fifth championship in its career in this tournament held in Morocco.

Real’s opponent in this tournament is the prestigious Brazilian Flamengo. However, in 18 Club World Cups, European teams have won four times. Four times were for Brazilian clubs Corinthians, Internacional and Sao Paulo. Since Corinthians in 2012, winning teams have always been European clubs.

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