Coach Lee Byeong-geun sighed at the ‘Celtic transfer rumor’, “Hyun-gyu came to visit me four times”

Suwon’s ace Oh Hyeon-kyu, the ’27th’ player of the World Cup in Qatar, is rumored to be transferring to the prestigious Celtic in Scotland.

Initially, the Suwon club declared a ‘transfer impossible’ for Team Ace, but the airflow has recently changed due to Celtic’s continued recruitment offer.

While Celtic is known to have offered more than 10 times the annual salary Oh Hyun-kyu is currently receiving, the Suwon club is struggling with the future of the player. 안전놀이터

It is known that Oh Hyun-gyu’s heart was inclined toward Celtic.

Oh Hyun-kyu, who is currently undergoing field training in Geoje, is said to have visited Suwon coach Lee Byeong-geun four times during his training period and expressed his strong will for the transfer.

Coach Lee Byung-geun showed disapproval of the transfer, telling Oh Hyun-kyu how about performing more on the K-League stage before transferring. However, when Oh Hyun-kyu requested an additional meeting and expressed his will to advance to Europe, the player eventually raised his hand.

In a phone call with KBS, coach Lee Byeong-geun said, “I told Hyun-kyu that a bigger offer would come if I did well this season, but Celtic kept giving me better offers. He came to my room nearly four times and talked to me… I couldn’t break Hyeon-gyu’s heart anymore.”

Of course, negotiations between the clubs of Suwon and Celtic remain, and there are many variables in the process, so it is unknown where Oh Hyun-kyu will play from next month.

If Oh Hyeon-gyu, the team’s main scorer, leaves, Suwon must quickly find a replacement. A decision on whether Oh Hyun-kyu will go to Celtic is expected to be made as early as next week.

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