Coach Bae Young-soo “Yun Seong-bin’s new breasts? I need another nickname now.”

“Yun Seongbin (24)? I would like an article full of confidence.”

Yoon Seong-bin is a promising pitcher for the Lotte Giants. But his growth is slow. Last year, he did not play a single match for the first team.

He also had poor grades in the second team. He started 16 games, went 2 losses and had a 9.94 earned run average. He pitched 20.1 innings, with 17 of his walks recorded. He showed the strength of striking out 16, but he failed to capture his overall weakness, control.

He is known as a pitcher whose psychological factor greatly affects him.

He means that he is the type of pitcher who throws the ball better than anyone else in the bullpen, but does not have a good flow when he gets on the mound. 메이저사이트

Everyone was obsessed with Yoon Sung-bin’s psychological part. I tried to create an atmosphere for Yun Seong-bin so that he could throw the ball comfortably.

However, his performance was not good. He would get a little better, but soon he would return to his place.

Bae Young-soo, the new Lotte pitching coach, took a different approach.

I dug into Yoon Sung-bin’s technical part. He studied and tried to graft a method to throw the ball with good balance.

Coach Bae Young-soo said, “We are teaching various drills to catch the ball. Among them, there will be clothes that suit Yoon Seongbin. He is a really attractive pitcher. All pitching coaches have pitches to be greedy for. When he throws from the bullpen, admiration comes out. If you can throw this ball on the mound for the first team, it will be a great success. It is important for him to believe in his change and throw the ball with confidence now.”

“I have achieved a lot of growth through new pitching technique training. You can have confidence now. It’s the result of technological progress, so you can trust yourself a little more. He says a lot of encouraging words. You will also have a lot of trouble with psychological problems. But you don’t have to worry anymore. I just need to be confident because I am throwing a good enough ball. All pitchers go through that process. It takes time to build confidence after technological advances. Sungbin Yoon can be said to be at such a stage now. He is a pitcher who can make a terrifying transformation if he believes in his ball and can see the results of his development.”

Coach Bae Young-soo did not classify Yun Seong-bin as a mere ‘breasted pitcher’. He approached it in the sense that because there are technical problems, there will be problems with control. It was a new approach for Yoon Sung-bin as well. He gained the confidence that he could not break down psychologically as easily as before due to the advancement of technology.

Equipped with confidence, Yun Seong-bin can literally transform into a ‘terrifying pitcher’.

It remains to be seen whether Yoon Seong-bin, who has made technological progress, can turn his potential into reality based on his stronger confidence.

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