Chelsea who gets criticized even after spending money… “Overspending on the wrong place”

 Usually, a lot of criticism is directed at the owner of a salty club, but Chelsea is criticized even after making a huge investment.

Chelsea changed ownership to Todd Boelli in May last year. Boelli opened his wallet from the summer transfer window.

He brought along the likes of Mark Cucurella, Wesley Popagna, and Raheem Sterling. After paying a penalty, Thomas Tuchel was sacked as head coach and Graham Porter was appointed as the new head coach.

Shopping didn’t stop. In the winter transfer market, spending has grown. 바카라

He recruited Enzo Fernandez for a whopping £107 million (approximately 163 billion won). It was the highest transfer fee in Premier League history.

He spent 600 million pounds (approximately 905 billion won) in two transfer windows. The transfer market fluctuated and football fans around the world paid attention to Chelsea.

However, grades did not correlate with expenditure. Chelsea have only one win in their last seven matches. Premier League standings are 9th.

Gary Neville, from Manchester United and now a football commentator for Sky Sports, said: “Chelsea overspended in the two transfer windows. To me, they just look like weird signings. “We spent £107 million to sign Fernandes. They are full-backs and midfielders. They are Rodri, Fabinho and Casemiro types of players. The most they can get is £50-60 million.” pointed out

In fact, the striker position, which Chelsea had suffered throughout the season, was not reinforced. “These players play up front and don’t score 30 goals,” said Neville.

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