Changes in Jeju are frightening…The reason why director Nam Ki-il of ‘Kkojangkkojang’ has changed

The change of professional football K League 1 Jeju United is not serious. It is because the coaching staff and the players, who have been rigid, are full of the bright scent of spring. The dark and serious expression has disappeared and it seems to be starting this season with a smile on its face.

It is director Ki-il Nam (49) who caused the wind of change. Manager Nam set the biggest task this season to be ‘communication’ with the players. He admitted that the lack of communication last season hurt his performance. He also changed the so-called ‘Nam Ki-il division’ by filling it with young coaches in their 30s. This season, coach Nam boldly transfused the coaches who were with him when he took the helm of the second division leagues, such as Gwangju and Seongnam. With head coach Jeong Jo-guk at the center, Choi Hyo-jin as defensive coach, Ha Dae-seong as offensive coach, and Song Yoo-geol as goalkeeper coach, they will start a new season. Even inside Jeju, there is a saying that “the players are putting their trust in the young and competent coaching staff.”

This atmosphere was also detected at the K-League Winter Training Media Camp, which was held until the 8th. Koo Ja-cheol explained, “While preparing for this season, the coach approached (to the players) a lot. The fact that the captain’s team consisted of 6 members (including one captain) was the coach’s special decision for communication.” Senior team players Koo Ja-cheol and Jung-woon Kim O-gyu Ahn Hyeon-beom Kim Dong-joon, together with “captain” Choi Yeong-jun, served as a channel of communication between the players and coaches. 바카라사이트

Coach Nam met with reporters and confessed, “Last season, it was difficult because there was no internal communication with the players.” He promised to fix his usual stiff posture, saying, “This season, I will not open the door, but I will visit and communicate with the players myself. I will listen to each player’s condition, family problems, as well as what they need.” He said that he would have a meal with the six captains once a month and listen to the players’ grievances. This is a ‘surprising’ transformation declaration by director Nam, who has always been known as “a twisted director”.

The ‘cold farewell’ with Yoon Bit-garam (Suwon FC), a ‘sore finger’, also became medicine. Director Nam apologized, saying, “It’s a pity that I couldn’t talk to Bitgaram Yoon much last season. I’m very sorry that I couldn’t send him out to the stadium.” He continued, “There were parts where I did not agree with Yoon Bitgaram, but the communication problem was great.” It is not easy for leaders to admit their mistakes and apologize. In particular, it is more unusual in the sports world where discipline and hierarchy are strict. Yoon Bit-garam also revealed the remnants of the past, saying, “There was not much communication (with director Nam). Last year was difficult and I was hurt a lot. It was a problem that could have been solved if I communicated more enough, but it’s a pity.”

There is also an interpretation that Nam’s two-year contract renewal last year became the trigger for change. The club put their faith in the leadership of manager Nam, who took office in Jeju in 2020 and promoted Jeju, which had been relegated. CEO Chang-yong Koo, who was newly appointed earlier this year, is also pushing for change. A former executive of a large company (head of external cooperation office at SK Energy), he is also a ‘de-authority’ shouted “I will listen to the voices of the coaches, players, and Jeju residents. I will do my best to support, not interfere,” he emphasized.

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